The Power of Positivity

Meredith Kessler Columbus Academy Commencement Speech

  One of many main things in life that I never underestimate or devalue is – The Power of Positivity.  I really believe this allows you to truly avoid riding the ‘sucky’ bus which – as we know – is never an enriching ride. While I also really believe that the power of positivity allows […]

Stepping into Spring – St. George 70.3, Columbia 5150, Life – in pics!

Meredith Kessler Ironman St. George Red Rocks Cycling

  It’s been a fantastic few months filled with lots of family, friends, love, fun and racing. Per usual, will let the pictures tell the story as I seem to capture life through those more than words can truly describe! A quick recap of St. George: Heading into St. George – race week had already […]

Culture, Grace, Gratitude – Taupo: Ironman New Zealand

Meredith Kessler Tony Jackson Ironman Legend New Zealand

Taupo is such an amazing place….a haven full of timeless culture, genuine welcoming people and home of the most historic Ironman race which is surrounded by this priceless -nearly transparent lake – we just LOVE Taupo and we were SO excited to come back again this year. It was a delight to see that the […]

2013: We are excited for you!

Meredith Kessler Ironman Auckland 70.3 New Zealand

Happy New Year to all ~ !! Life has been great to us so far in 2013 – some quick highlights include: Enjoying the holidays with our family and friends in Ohio – the best. Finishing our manuals: LIFE OF A TRIATHLETE ( – we are fine-tuning/editing + hope to launch some time in mid-Spring.  […]


Meredith Kessler triathlete Mike Riley voice Ironman Linsey Corbin

TWO NAILS: PLEASURE AND PAIN For the past year since our studio moved locations, I have been meticulously staring at these two nails at eye level in front of me at Velo SF while on the trainer. Since we do about 90% of my cycling training in there, it ends up being a lot of […]

KONA – Keep On Nurturing Aspiration

Meredith Kessler Giants baseball stadium after world series victory

To my fantastic sponsors, friends and family: Thank you so much for all the relentless support and dedication in helping to set me up for success coming into the World Championships and for the entire season – I really am so very grateful.  Everything you all supported me with was absolutely perfect, appreciated, valued…and I […]

The Vampire Den: Crashes that Bite

Meredith Kessler cupping therapy after bike accident

Last update I wrote I was ‘high-fiving angels’ coming off a fun and rewarding Vineman weekend….thrilled to report that while it may be for different reasons, I’m still slapping fives with those angels as I feel lucky to be alive and able to race again. A couple weeks after Vineman, we were in LA for […]

High Fiving Angels at Vineman 70.3

Meredith Kessler finishing chute Vineman 70.3 2012

My great pal Kate always makes me truly laughing out loud when she says she was “HIGH-FIVING ANGELS” when something great happens…its always been a saying that I love to hear. I certainly felt like I was high-fiving some serious angels during Vineman 70.3 and I thank them for their help! Every year I am […]

Rev 3 Portland

Meredith Kessler triathlete Sue Hutter friend photographer Rev3Portland

The Rev 3 experience is one that everyone must endure in their triathlon life!  Charlie and his team know how to execute a first class race that is family-friendly, comfortable, fun, festive and challenging (course wise) all in one. It’s not often that you are able to directly text back and forth with the series […]

CDA: Pictures Speak Volumes

Meredith Kessler family Ironman CDA 2012

Our trip to Coeur D’Alene was dreamy. To have my sister and Dave there as well as Claire, Wendell, the Hutter Family, Jazzy Jess + AK meant so so much and I continue to think of more ways to say THANK YOU to everyone for all their love and support…as it really was such a […]