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Meredith Kessler Life of a Triathlete

Meredith Kessler Life of a Triathlete

I have always enjoyed helping people. As my triathlon journey has spanned ten plus years, my experiences and knowledge on the subject has continued to increase. I found myself torn by continuing to try to escalate my career while also wanting to help others who sought advice in this complicated sport.

I had a revelation to start a separate brand, Life of a Triathlete, where content and resources could be created to help fellow triathletes decrease the time it takes for them to reach their goals. I could utilize my years of experience, hundreds of informational emails, and developed content to efficiently reach more athletes.

Life of a Triathlete is morphing into many quality resources for individuals to use. There is a series of informative manuals developed for triathletes to reference and learn from: Life of a Triathlete: Race Preparation and Life of a Triathlete: Business. The tips and secrets I have developed over the years to help me race consistently and earn a living are divulged in these two manuals.

There is a growing section of free resources triathletes can browse and download such as the Race Travel Checklist and a sample contract. These items were strategically given to the public so they too can benefit from my years of trial and error in the sport. The Life of a Triathlete blog has gained recognition for attacking the hard issues to help improve the sport we all love while also continuing to teach. We have also partnered with tremendous companies to offer deals on gear and services for the benefit of triathletes.

Over the past few years, we have worked diligently on our manuals to bring you triathlete information that is usually not shared. I do hope you enjoy it and benefit from it. Triathlon is not an easy sport and there are few resources that divulge the secrets to help you prosper and succeed. We sincerely hope it helps you reach your athletic goals!

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