KONA – Keep On Nurturing Aspiration

Meredith Kessler Giants baseball stadium after world series victory

To my fantastic sponsors, friends and family: Thank you so much for all the relentless support and dedication in helping to set me up for success coming into the World Championships and for the entire season – I really am so very grateful.  Everything you all supported me with was absolutely perfect, appreciated, valued…and I […]

The Vampire Den: Crashes that Bite

Meredith Kessler cupping therapy after bike accident

Last update I wrote I was ‘high-fiving angels’ coming off a fun and rewarding Vineman weekend….thrilled to report that while it may be for different reasons, I’m still slapping fives with those angels as I feel lucky to be alive and able to race again. A couple weeks after Vineman, we were in LA for […]