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Meredith Kessler family Ironman CDA 2012

Our trip to Coeur D’Alene was dreamy. To have my sister and Dave there as well as Claire, Wendell, the Hutter Family, Jazzy Jess + AK meant so so much and I continue to think of more ways to say THANK YOU to everyone for all their love and support…as it really was such a great time that will be remembered forever.

I enjoyed starting Ironman CDA for the 6th time and was looking forward to a little personal redemption (as in St. George) from last year’s race since it ended up being my 2nd DNF in a row which was unfortunate—BUT—OF COURSE–many valuable things learned from both which has parlayed into my 2012 season thus far.

Matt and I had a very clear cut, but simple plan for this race, following a busy race schedule so far in 2012 and two weeks post Eagleman 70.3 . We also knew that the very consistent and always strong– Heather Wurtele– who has always impressed over the years… would be leading the charge. We decided to employ a rather defensive approach to the early parts of the race, banking on a battle on the run.

It was certainly a strong effort to maintain pace with Heather once she closed the gap from the swim but I was lucky enough to settle in a rhythm with her and was extra careful to stay legal and kosher with the rules and not over-lurk which I know can be annoying to some—but over time–I have come to realize that this is how racing goes after all–we’re in a race and all trying to keep up! I was really excited for a close race with Heather (amongst many other fantastic ladies in the field) and knew I would be pushed all the way to the finish by them all.

As mentioned many times, I always enjoy racing with Heather—she is such a quality competitor and especially strong on the bike—and at mile 40 when she caught me–I kept to my plan to take a controlled risk on the bike to keep her in sight as long as I could. We ended up riding about 60 miles together—and I was taking a huge risk for me to maintain pace with her incredible riding. Heather achieved a small gap, but almost as soon as she achieved a bit of breathing room, she was struck with a very unfortunate mechanical and I could see her pull off the road thinking/hoping it was just a quick delay for her. Truthfully, you never wish mechanicals (or anything negative to happen) on anyone during a race—we all know how much time and hard work goes into this business so to be sidelined for things out of your control is never easy.

I was oblivious to what was happening behind me until well after the race finish but I can imagine that it was not very fun for Heather and her family. We all just want to race our best race with no drama or misfortune so it was terrible to hear of Heather’s DQ and experience out there on the course. We wish Heather all the best in Frankfurt this weekend!

The run continued on as planned and I was glad to be able to maintain a really controlled and even effort on the marathon. As with every race, ample lessons learned and it is always helpful for future races to see where risks taken may be worth it in the end.

Massive congratulations to all of the lovely ladies on the podium: Haley, Whitney, Rachel, Beth, Stephanie, Trish and Amanda!

I’ll let the pictures paint the rest of the CDA journey and my gratitude….all experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

We’re off to Portland this weekend to catch up with some close friends there and to race Rev 3 Portland which is a fantastic race and venue with wonderful people!

Wishing everyone all the best and thank you so much for the support!