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Fuel to the Finish…..

Have you ever wondered what really fuels you?  As a person or as an athlete...something fuels you to keep on keeping on and get to the finish no matter what the actual "finish" is.  For me, it's quite simple but broad:  Family & Friends.  There isn't anything more important to me.  Since Kona,

November 20th, 2010|


In the past, you’ve heard me talk about a phrase that I embrace not only in triathlon, but in LIFE.  It’s so so crucial.  That motto is KEEP CALM, CARRY ON (aka KCCO).  Everyone in the world needs to KCCO every single day in every capacity …for me, it’s the way of the

November 11th, 2010|

The Journey To Kona

Our Indian summer in SF this fall has been lovely.  Lots of fun things have happened since IMC...all of which are bullet point worthy! Little super sis Kelsey and Davo got engaged!  YESSSSSS BFF Jen and BPC got engaged!  LOVE IT.  BFF Al-Ster is getting inducted into our HS Athletic Hall of Fame this Friday.  I'm

October 8th, 2010|


      Our time in Canada was beyond fantastic.  Pentiction is truly like a combo between Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley Wine Country thus bringing together two of our favorite (and most beautiful) places near San Francisco.  I felt like I was right at home ..and the cooler weather race week sure did

September 18th, 2010|


The theme the past few weeks has been: VIBRANCY.  Keeping all realms of life just that...VIBRANT!   This is the way I enjoy life the most.  It's an MD thing too that he implements on all of us purplepatch peeps = the way to go.   I will let the pictures do most of the talking but its been another great few

August 29th, 2010|

From Vegas to Vineman…

The high from CDA continued the following weekend when my family went to Las Vegas to celebrate Dado’s 60th birthday!  It was a blast.  People always wonder why Vegas is one of my FAVORITE places to go and I remind them that these casinos have oxygen PUMPING thru them and thus I always

July 24th, 2010|


The city of Coeur D’Alene is a special place where (we are so fortunate that) success and great karma seems to prevail for Purplepatch athletes. Last year, Tyler Stewart broke the course record and took home the crown and her first Ironman title. I was lucky enough to witness this victory and also

July 12th, 2010|

On to the Next One…….

We are in the belly of June and it has already been a fun-packed month! The weather in San Francisco has been abnormally warm for summer time here and just to be outside, no matter what you are up to, is priceless. Lots of BBQ’s and time with friends are in order. I

June 24th, 2010|

Summer Lovin’…May Flew By!

I blinked and May was over! Life is cruising by at a fun pace post St. George. Family, friends, work, training and life is all flowing. I am always so thankful for that luxury. I enjoyed some recovery post St. George with lots of relaxing swimming/indoor cycling but limited running to be sure

June 14th, 2010|

St. George And Onward!

The Kesslers had a blast in St. George, Utah for the inaugural Ironman event. It was great to spend the weekend with Claire, Wendell (Pete and Patti too!) and ofcourse, super husband Aaron (AK). AK and I arrived in St. George via Vegas late on Thursday evening and I was able to register

May 15th, 2010|