From CBUS to NOLA and on to ST. GEORGE!

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Visits to Columbus, Ohio (aka CBUS!) and New Orleans were a blast.

Quality family time in my hometown, baby showers, best friends from youth, baby births, travel with family to New Orleans and ending the weekend with racing New Orleans 70.3.  Life is good.

New Orleans 70.3 was my 2nd pro race and I was delighted to be in the same wave as some of the best gals in the sport.   It was a great way to get the 2010 season rolling.

A few tidbits from the race:

Swim:  As I’m sure everyone who raced could attest (as we all do the same course so it is what it is!) it was a SLOW swim for all.   The first 30 yards of the swim is, well, too shallow to swim so you resort to running or dolphin diving.  The CHOPPY waters were dicey and the extra lengthy course layout did not bode well for faster times.  Usually swimming is my favorite of the 3 sports, however, I was grateful to be out of Lake Pontchartrain!  I came out of the water in 2nd but had a few hiccups in T1 (ie: I’m slow!) so started the bike in 3rd.

Special thanks to Glynn and Erin from Xterra Wetsuits for the Velocity speedsuit; it really is the best.

Bike:   The goal on the bike was to follow the plan.  The bike was flat and windy and the wind didn’t “give” much.  I knew that I was being hunted (again, by some of the best girls in the sport) but it was important just to keep calm and carry on with the plan.   I ride by feel and not power and I’m thinking on a flat course like that, it may be worth riding with a little power to break up the monotony…something to look into soon.    All in all, the bike was a-ok.

Run:  The motivation on the run was to again, FOLLOW the plan.  I came into T2 with my dear gal pal and fellow purplepatch-er, Linsey Corbin.   We were running in 3rd and the goal was just to stay with her at least a mile strictly so we could get a purplepatch picture!  I was pumped about her stunning 2nd place finish and I can’t wait to see her shine this season.

Although the run was hot and humid, the last few miles were shaded and my family (Mom, Dado and super sis Kelsey) were there to greet me at the finish line in Jackson Square.   It was fun, it was festive…it was New Orleans!  What a great place to be.

I was excited to finish in 4th place overall and to get to stand on the podium with the likes of many amazing athletes.  Congratulations to all.

Thank you to TriBike Transport, Clif , Xterra and my employer, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS,  for all of your support as I enter my first season as a professional.  I’m really looking forward to the journey.

Many thanks to my coach, Matt Dixon, for believing in me and for teaching me HOW to become a better athlete within the professional ranks.

To my family…so great to have the Keeran crew out there cheering away.  It was a great little family getaway and I’m so thankful and grateful for your constant love and support.

To my friends…your calls/emails/texts/love/support/thoughts when I do these things mean the world to me.  I think of ALL of you before, during and after these races and I mean it when I say…it helps motivate me to try to be better, faster and stronger.  THANK YOU!

Lastly, special thanks to Leanne Charnes of Tri-Tech Multisport in Cbus for letting me borrow her bike to use while I was in Cbus.  I really appreciate it!  If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio….please visit Tri-Tech’s one of the best bike shops around.

Super husband Aaron Kessler (AK), The Kesslers (Claire & Wendell aka favorite in-laws) and I are off to Utah (via Vegas of course, a favorite place of ours) this weekend as I’m looking forward to racing Ironman St. George.  We will then end the weekend with a night in Vegas to celebrate our wedding anniversary…this will be more motivation to hurry up and get her done!

All the best to everyone!



1. Bff’s from growing up at Robi’s baby shower in Cbus (Carmi and CCTK we missed you!)
2. Robi & Allison, the two amazing moms-to-be
4. College dear pals Barrett & Tracy Parker welcomed their baby girl on April 16th..Ella Larkin Parker. Caden Parker is the proud big brother!
5. Lins & I checking out the course in front of Lake Pontchartrain!
6. LNC & MBK post race…happy and ready for Bourbon street.
7. Podium Pic with all the talented pro women
8. Our coach, Matt Dixon, is one in a million. Purplepatch represented (Kelli Kel too!).
9. Super Sister, Kelsey, came to NOLA from NYC to hang w/ her big sis
10. Post-race fun Keeran family dinner, Big Easy style!
11. Ak missed NOLA but is excited to hit up St. George as the fantastic husband and sherpa that he is! XO
12. Kessler Family (Claire & Wendell) will be whooping it up w/ Ak & me in St. George this weekend.