As ever, the detailed pictures and videos posted here seem to be the window to the fantastic month of May that we had and as I organize them for this blog, I can’t even find enough words to express my gratitude for it all. May especially has always been such a fun month for my family and friends—sprinkled with our wedding anniversary, many birthdays, an Ironman and ample festivities to celebrate!

Not a day goes by where I don’t internally acknowledge that I get to do what I love to do every day. Like any other ‘job’ (job = whatever it may be that you do every day in whatever capacity that is) we ALL have (and will have) our good days and challenging days but “at the end of the day” the above average crucial thought process is that: we love what we do and do what we love. I find that many (understandably) find it difficult to say this about their ‘job’ which is another reason why I feel so fortunate and also how I know that hard work can pay off if you try to avoid ever letting the big picture get blurry.

For my job as a professional triathlete, I often try to semi compare it to my previous job…an “office job” in order to provide a little more clarity on the big picture. For example..the start to my 2011 season last year brought 2*DNF’s in a row. Clearly, not the ideal way to start a season. I simulate that to having two really terrible and unproductive “business” meetings back to back and perhaps not closing the important deal or sale. In either case, we learn from the mistakes we make in both sport and in the office. It is not the end of the world on any level-AT ALL. We know not every day/race/presentation/project/workout etc is going to be peaches and cream but how resilient we are to grow from it–and not totally over analyze it–is vital to making the next one more successful.

In 2012, Ironman St. George was an opportunity to learn from last years mistakes and have a little redemption in the best way that I could muster. Based on the above analogy, I guess we could say it was a productive “meeting” for the work week which I appreciate greatly. It was a challenging day for EVERYONE with the epic lake swells and massive winds—but it was a GREAT day to be remembered for many.


Sue Hutter provided so many of us with ample pictures from the race (some included here) but even more than her amazing pictures, having her spirit and genuine self on the course was priceless. Thank you so much Sue!

We’ve recently brought back a little Pat Benatar action in Velo SF classes to jam to….in the words of her song, “All Fired Up,” she says:


Man, is she smart. I know I’m thankful when everything FALLS IN LINE…we know we have to flirt around the line sometimes but when it evens out—it’s all good.

Thank you to so many for helping keep things FALLING IN LINE…I’m inspired by each and every one of you and hope that everything continues to FALL in line in your lives..always!

To my amazing sponsors : Saucony (Jazzy Jess, you’re a dream—thx for being at IMSG!), Arctic Ease, Clif, Orbea, Orca, Reynolds Wheels (AWB—you too! Loved seeing you on the course in SG!), Rudy Project, ISM Saddles, CycleOps, Challenge Tires, Timex, Shimano, Velo SF, Kit Order, Pacific Bikes and Eminess…as my “bosses” you make it even more of a pleasure to “go into the office” every day. Thank you for the luxury!

We’re off to Eagleman 70.3 next as a teaser before Ironman Coeur D’Alene…we are looking forward to a fun June!

Thank you all for reading and your continued support!