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Happy May!

It’s been summer like-ish here in San Francisco which is IDEAL before our cool summer hits!

Galveston 70.3 was a fun way to open up the engine and start the season. The amazing field of pro women was impeccable and it was a delight to be in mix. We had a great PPF crew come out from SF and we flourished in our amazing Gtown house, especially chosen and planned by Danielle..thank you D! I’m certain that you found the best digs in Galveston, it was above and beyond.  We also LOVED seeing the Durrett family (lost camera w/ cute pic!) who came from Houston…we love you guys, thank you!

There isn’t too much to report about the actual race other than that it was hot, windy and I needed to do each loop twice -ha! Regardless, it was fantastic to race and was a good deposit in overall fitness.

Next up was the purplepatch & Studio Velo California coast ride. A magical ride with 50+ people over the course of 3 days. We had a blast. See Matt’s recap of the epic ride here:

Saucony’s new punch line is: FIND YOUR STRONG.  If you say this out loud a few times, you’ll really just GET IT.  It’s catchy, meaningful and if pertains to all aspects of life, not just sport.  It also makes me think of the word COMPOSURE.  The actual meaning of the word “composure” is: THE STATE OR FEELING OF BEING CALM AND IN CONTROL OF ONESELF.  While sometimes things become OUT of our control during a race (or in life), if we just stay calm and COMPOSED, then ultimately, we ARE  in control.  To me, this is what makes completing an ironman, that much more gratifying.

I’m really looking forward to the month of May!  It started off with our wedding anniversary this week before we venture out to Ironman St. George…Jen/B’s wedding post imsg  (!!)…Andi’s college day (tradition!), ample birthdays to celebrate, mothers day, Minneapolis Williamson visit and the anxious anticipation of Soto & Mer M’s baby births! YESSSSS.  EXCITEMENT. ALL. AROUND.

Wishing the best of luck to everyone racing Ironman St. George….FIND YOUR STRONG.  COMPOSURE AT ITS FINEST.

All the best,