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The Dixon Double proved to be as hard as it’s sounds…albeit a wonderful experience that I would not take back for anything. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I was not surprised with how IN THE WELL I was (especially) the second half of that marathon! GUH! Will continue to work on this. While I didn’t do anything magical, PR or feel vibrant, I was just delighted to finish 2nd in a very hot (for me) and technical (in my book) Ironman race. Ironman is an Ironman so win or lose, I’m just happy to prevail through the challenge….that is what I COMMITTED myself to…and that is the GOAL.

First–AMPLE props to Jesscia Jacobs on her Ironman Wisconsin victory. Simply put, when she FLEW by me at mile 18 on the run, I was in that raw “place” where I could not respond (LITERALLY) to any sort of faster movement. She did outstanding and her victory is so well deserved–CONGRATS JESS!

Ironman Wisconsin is a very unique race. Lots of energy and a surplus of fans around the course–so nice. The transitions are so different than any other Ironman in that they are literally, INSIDE the convention a ballroom! You run up this HELIX situation (parking garage swirls, ie: I was DYING) after the swim and ride round and round up it after the (114 mile bike = a bit too long this course is!). They make it work. The run is full of people cheering through that capitol and as ever, Mike Reilly at the finish line is priceless.

The 2-loop swim course was simple the first lap and like a giant washing machine the 2nd lap for sure. It was great to lead out of the swim and stay afloat in that position on the bike. When I hit the run my body hit breakdown mode (hot, cramping, no 5th gear in legs etc) and unfortunately, it got the the point where it was just “left foot in front of right foot mbk–get to the line!” I was so happy to cross and see my family and friends there in my usual delirium.

Madison is the home of CycleOps Power which I’m fortunate enough to be a part of so I was excited to get visit with them the Friday before the race. Riding on power has been instrumental in my cycling and since I do so much cycling training indoors, the way it simulates outdoors specifically is invaluable.

Speaking of sponsors…many thanks to all of mine who have been such a valuable influence to me in so many ways. I REALLY AM FOREVER GRATEFUL. To my family and friends: I LOVE YOU ALL …and YOU ALL are what I think about during these events.

Upon our return home from Madison, we had a great couple weeks in town catching up with pals in the city. We love where we live and our network of friends here..we are so lucky.

We hit up an EAST COAST FRENZY the end of September: Visited NYC to throw my baby sister’s couples shower. She and Davo are getting married so so soon! It was a blast. From NYC, I hit up Boston to spend time with Arctic Ease (cold compression sponsor I am so pumped to be a part of)…popped in Ohio from there to see family & friends before I head to South Carolina for Rev 3 Anderson…GREAT TIMES ALL AROUND!

Thank you all so much for reading and being such influential people in my life.