An Enriched Holiday Season

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Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s been a really enriching holiday season for us and we feel so fortunate. Even though I am grateful for what I have in life EVERY SINGLE DAY, I feel like it is magnified even more so during the holiday time.

I know I have this trend of posting way too many photos but I truly feel like that was the best way to capture the past few weeks! We have really enjoyed ample holiday parties with our closest friends, family time in Ohio and HPB/Cat’s wedding in Palos Verdes to ring in the New Year. These have been more than unforgettable highlights while being mixed in with quality¬†gal dinners, AK date nights, out of town visitors, birthday celebrations and weekend getaways to Tahoe, Wine Country and Vegas.

Training has continued to roll on and been very fun and rewarding. AK and I are excited to tackle a new race adventure this year as I’m looking forward to starting off the 2012 race season with Ironman New Zealand. A new year, a new adventure…similar goals and dreams.

I’m equally excited for the adventures of my athletes goals and dreams for 2012. I know each and every one of them will shine and I can’t wait to be part of their journey!

The future for purplepatch is growing rapidly and continues to have SO much to offer. Matt + team have spearheaded many things for purplepatch to look forward to and 2012 promises to be an exciting one!

Whether you are looking for a swim clinic, run clinic, cycling adventure or a fully coached triathlon camp, you will be sure to find a first class experience within purplepatch.

Check out Matt’s latest list of purplepatch camps and clinics here:

Velo SF also has exciting things in store for 2012! We start by moving facilities next week (just around the corner from where we currently are) for which our amazing GM Kate and crew (Donald, Charlie + Mikey) are making everything seamless for all of us. Thank you guys so much! The quality program continues to shine with it’s effective and efficient indoor cycling workouts. As ever, if you have any questions in regards to Velo SF, please feel free to ask me anytime. You can check out the website at

I hope you enjoy the slide show with added commentary at the bottom to get a little color on the photos!

Thank you for reading and I hope all of you are off to an enriching 2012!