The first company to back me as an amateur/professional was TriBike Transport and I will always be grateful to them for offering me a hand starting out. It helps that they provide a service for triathletes that is so useful and needed in the industry; transport of your bike to races.

Anyone who has traveled to a triathlon with their bike knows the pain of having to box it up, take it to the airport, get it checked, transporting it to the race site, and then building it back up. It causes aggravation, stress, and is one more thing to worry about when your mind should be focused on the task at hand; the finish line. Your bike is what you will be spending the most time with during a triathlon so it needs to be in pristine condition!

TriBike Transport takes the worry out of bike transportation. You give them your bike at their predetermined location before the race. You can then travel to the race without the worry of lugging your bike. When you arrive at the race site, your bike is in the same condition as you left it and ready to ride! There is no building it back up and there are less moving parts meaning there is less chance for something going wrong. The transportation fee is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing your bike is in capable hands. All of the hard work you put into preparing for the race will not be lost on a careless breakdown or setup of your bike.

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