It has been a pleasure working with Rudy Project the past few years and the partnership has improved my racing and been life saving. First of all, Rudy Project gear oozes quality and performance. When racing, training or everyday use, they help me feel ‘protected’…which in my world, is very important!

Now the gear – their helmets have saved me twice. It is inevitable triathletes will get into some sort of crash either in training or events so you have to trust the gear that protects your most important body part, your head. I crashed in August and October of 2012, both times hitting my head on the pavement. I can truthfully say that Rudy Project race helmets greatly reduced the injuries I did receive. The glasses are stylish and perform tremendously on race day because fogging is not an issue. They are aerodynamic, clear, light, and protective in a wide range around your eyes. They are a must have while biking and running on triathlon courses.

Do not forget to protect your head/brain and your eyes with quality Rudy Project gear; these are crucial items in your athletic pursuits.

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