I do not take recovery lightly. I am not twenty-two years old anymore when my legs were able to bounce back after a heavy training session. I love to race and race a lot and Recovery Pump helps me do this consistently.

I use the leg pump system on an almost daily basis for compression and to reduce inflammation, soreness and fatigue. My pre race ritual includes using Recovery Pump thirty minutes before I leave for the swim start as well as the night after the event. I travel with the system so I can reap the benefits a couple days before the event (it is like a warm-up jog) as well as the days after when how you recover is the most important thing in preparing you for your next race or training session.

After a long day of training and sitting behind the computer, I relax with the boots on to watch TV and sometimes sleep in them. It has become engrained in my daily regimen, like brushing your teeth. It is easy for me to pitch the benefits of Recovery Pump because it works. I am proud to be working with them since the first year I was a professional triathlete.

Click on the Recovery Pump logo and use the code KESSLER at checkout for savings on your Recovery Pump system purchase. If you are an athlete who loves to race and compete, you must recover safely and quickly or you won’t be able to do race on a consistent basis. Recovery Pump is essential in this process.

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