There is nothing that beats ISM saddles on the triathlon market as far as performance and comfort. This is not a secret and their products are only getting stronger. I wanted to work with ISM before I became a professional triathlete because it was the only saddle that did not hurt my backside on long rides. This is extremely important in triathlon since you are on your bicycle saddle the longest of the three disciplines.

A company’s employees, their attitudes and abilities, are paramount to its success and ISM is no exception. They have a responsive, caring team working for them that, take pride in their saddles and, consequently, they provide the best ride possible for athletes. They are extremely effective in their marketing and product recognition. The proof is in the top triathletes who continue to work with them. I fully endorse all of the partners I work with and I know you will not be disappointed by purchasing their seats for your training and racing.

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