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Kona Kings & Queens: Meredith KesslerIt is always a work in progress since having Mak. No manual tells you how to give birth to a child via an emergency C-section and work your way back to pro athletic condition. In addition, no manual tells you how you can also nourish your child (most important) and return to racing at the same level as well. You learn as you go through trial and error.TriRating10/3/2018
Athlete Focus: Meredith KesslerMeredith Kessler is one of the most prolific Ironman racers. She raced a ton of IMs as an age-grouper, since turning Pro in 2009 she has 27 finishes! (In the Texas field, the only woman with more Pro finishes is 47-year-old Dede Griesbauer with 28 finishes.) After finishing third in Ironman New Zealand 2017 (full results here), she announced that she was pregnant and took a break from professional racing. Son Mak Ace Kessler (spelled either Mak or MAK, his initials and also short form for his parents’ names Meredith and Aaron Kessler) was born in November, too close to reclaim her New Zealand title in March 2018. I’ve had a chance to chat with Meredith before her comeback race at IM Texas at the end of April.TriRating4/23/2018
Interview with Meredith Kessler from Triathlon LuminaQ You are known as the Top Triathlete who dominates the long battlefield in the US but Japanese readers are aware of you as winner of Ironman and New Zealand (IMNZ) There are more people. Can you talk from the background and circumstances before becoming a professional triathlete?Triathlon Lumina5/29/2017
Suffer Stories: Randy W. BeckerShortly thereafter, Randy started working with a coach to help him achieve his new goal. He did not learn how to swim, bike, or run correctly until age 42 when he started training with Meredith Kessler, a female Ironman World Champion at both full and half distances. She became a key mentor and coach, helping Randy train and prepare for his first Ironman.Sufferfest Beer Company5/24/2017
Fill in the Blank: Meredith KesslerWe're gearing up for the IRONMAN 70.3 North American Pro Championship in stunning St. George, Utah. Last year's third place finisher, Meredith Kessler (USA), was nice enough to answer a few of our wacky questions before race day. Yes, this is her real handwriting.Ironman.com5/5/2017
Conquering Kona: 3 Questions With Meredith KesslerThe old cliché is practice makes perfect. The "Meredith Kessler Guide to Kona" is to train on the course, pure and simple. There is no way to replicate the multitude of wind conditions you may face on the Queen K unless you are in them.Powertap4/1/2016
Travel Tuesday: Taupo, New Zealand is This Pro Triathlete's Favorite PlaceMeredith Kessler is a pro triathlete and Ironman champion who has kicked butt in races all over the world. Her favorite spot is Taupo, a beautiful lakeside town in the central North Island of New Zealand, where she will return this March for an Ironman New Zealand six-peat!Anatomie11/8/2016
10 Questions With Meredith KesslerToday, we had the chance to ask our 10 questions to one of the nicest and biggest smiles in the pro triathlon field: Meredith Kessler. Learn more about the passion of this amazing athlete who won more than a dozen Ironman races in her career. Enjoy!Tri Daily News10/31/2016
How To Get To Kona with Meredith KesslerMeredith Kessler, 10-time Ironman champ, shares her prep for triathlon's most iconic race.Equinox10/6/2016
Top Fitness Tips for Entrepreneurs from Ironman Champion Meredith KesslerProfessional athlete Meredith Kessler isn’t your typical California girl. Meredith Kessler finish shot vinemanFor one thing, she originally hails from Columbus, Ohio. For another, she totally kicks butt as an Ironman triathlon champion and has come in first place six times each year at events in each of the last three years.Charell Star8/26/2015
One on one with Professional Triathlete Meredith Kessler"My name is Meredith Kessler. I have been fortunate enough to make my hobby my job which I am very grateful for. I’m a professional triathlete so I get to swim, bike and run for a living."Recovery Pump7/21/2015
Spotlight: Meredith Kessler's Consistency KeysWhen California-based pro Meredith Kessler won IRONMAN 70.3 Auckland in mid-January, her tweet after the event captured her zeal: "New Zealand, you make our hearts sing!"
During the race, Kessler had to overcome some unlucky issues with her bike chain. "I was making a very simple gear shift right when the bike rode over a bump and the chain just went bonkers, locking the chain wheels," Kessler reported.
Meredith Kessler: “There is no substitute for experience on a course like Kona”She’s had a strong 2014 season with wins at Ironman New Zealand and the North American 70.3 Champs in St George, and a relatively restful build-up means that US athlete Meredith Kessler is one of our top 10 contenders for the grand prize in Kona this weekend.220 Triathlon10/9/2014
Conquering Kona: 3 Questions With Meredith KesslerIn the weeks leading up to the Ironman National Championships we had a chance to ask Meredith Kessler about how she prepares to take the world's stage in Kona.PowerTap10/7/2014
Dispatch: The Man Behind Team Every Man JackMeredith is a great friend and a huge supporter of Team EMJ. We have spent many training hours together, as we line up perfectly in swim, bike and run. I have learned many things from her but a few things stand out from the rest. One would definitely be her ability to always look forward.Triathlete Magazine9/25/2014
Interview with Meredith Kessler on Kona 2014To give you a little preview of the content, here is an interview that I was able to have with Meredith Kessler, one of the best and friendliest athletes I’ve been in contact with.TTR - Thorsten's Triathlon Rating9/13/2014
The Hard Charging Meredith KesslerMeredith Kessler is one of the dominant forces to be reckoned with in the triathlon world. She is a prolific podium finisher, having won every race she has entered this year besides Oceanside 70.3 where she finished 3rd. I had the fortune of meeting Meredith this past offseason and have ridden with her on a few endurance8/14/2014
Chatting with Ironman Champion Meredith KesslerThis coming Sunday, the Challenge New Albany triathlon event will be held right here in Columbus. A bunch of athletes are participating and among the pros is Meredith Kessler. This will be the first time Meredith has raced in her hometown and it should be a fun day for her.Run Faster Method7/20/2014
Hometown Gal, Meredith Kessler Wins at Vineman 70.3 for a Three-Peat VictoryMeredith Kessler can rightly be crowned ‘Queen of the Vineyards’ after her third successive victory at Ironman Vineman 70.3. Kessler established a lead on main contenders early in the swim and barely gave back a second back throughout the entirety of the race. The old adage that “you can’t win a triathlon in the swim” may have to be revoked, as the precious minutes accumulated by Kessler over her competition in the Russian River were the deciding factor by the time she hit the tape.Witsup7/15/2014
Two-time Ironman New Zealand Champion Meredith Kessler Going For The Hat TrickKessler has raced more than 60 Ironmans, and is known for her ability to string together a series of high-quality Ironman and Ironman 70.3 performances in a single season, however this year she has vowed to scale things back so that she can head to the starting line in Kona as fresh as possible. We caught up with Kessler the day before Ironman New Zealand to hear her new racing strategy for 2014, as well as why she’s hoping to show the world that she has a three-hour marathon in her.Lava Magazine2/27/2014
Ironman World Championship: Meredith Kessler – Kona UncoveredWith the Ironman World Championship over for another year, we decided to catch up with some of the athletes to get an insight into how they prepared, what gear they used, and ultimately how the race unfolded. We also caught a look into what their family and friends got up to on the Big Island before and after the big day. Yes, there is plenty to do other than race or support someone racing; although it would be easy to miss this during race week!Trizone10/23/2013
Post Ironman Kona Interview: Meredith KesslerI've been following Pro triathlete Meredith Kessler since we "met" back in 2011. I had the opportunity to interview her for my blog and we have exchanged emails every now again. She's super nice and clearly an outstanding athlete. I was so pumped to watch her compete at Ironman Kona because she's had a remarkable season, winning at Ironman New Zealand and three 70.3 events.DiscombobulatedRunning.com10/22/2013
Get To Know Ironman Lake Placid Winner Jennie HansenAnd Meredith—I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say anything negative about her. She’s been knocked down so many times this past year, but each time just gets back up stronger than ever, never blaming anyone and continuing to rock.Triathlete Magazine8/2/2013
PowerTap Interveiw with Pro Triathlete Meredith KesslerDespite being one of the best triathletes in the world and simply a wonderful person, Meredith Kessler has not had the best career in terms of luck. She's had to navigate through several recoveries from injury, the latest being the result of a head-on bike collision in Eagleman two months ago which left her in the hospital and with a long road of PT to return to training, let alone racing.PowerTap7/25/2013
Meredith Kessler talks about preparing for racing ahead of Ironman 70.3 Lake StevensMeredith Kessler is a name you may have heard a lot of lately, and for more than one reason. Besides winning most of the races she enters, the Ohio born American is also the woman behind “Life of a Triathlete” and is one tough chick to boot! We caught up with Meredith ahead of Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens this weekend to get an insight into how she prepares herself for race day.Trizone7/19/2013
A close call for Meredith Kessler - By Herbert Krabel70.3 US Pro Champion Meredith Kessler was leading Ironman 70.3 Eagleman on the bike when she was blindsided struck by an oncoming age group athlete who had crossed the double yellow line. Kessler crashed, was knocked unconscious and sustained head trauma and other injuries. She is now on the road to recovery and we checked in with her.Slowtwitch6/28/2013
5 Questions with Pro-Triathlete Meredith Kessler from Rudy ProjectI do believe mental toughness can be developed but it isn’t something that will happen overnight. I have witnessed many athletes have that ‘a-ha’ moment in their training where they realize they can push through the mental blocks grandfathered into their psyche.Rudy Project6/28/2013
Quotes From The 2012 Ironman Arizona Press ConferenceQuotes from Pros at the 2012 Ironman Arizona Press Conference including Meredith Kessler, Leanda Cave, Linsey CorbinTriathlete Magazine11/16/2012
Meredith Kessler Talks Crashes, Kona And Comebacks Ahead Of IMAZ 2012 - By Susan LackeAs Kessler prepares to race her final Ironman of the year, chatted with the 46-time Ironman competitor to learn more about the highs and lows of 2012.Triathlete Magazine11/14/2012
Meredith Kessler’s Rocky Road To 70.3 Worlds - By Jene ShawSix weeks ago, Meredith Kessler was descending down a hill around 40 mph when a cyclist crashed in front of her. She followed him to the ground, breaking part of her spine as a result.Triathlete Magazine9/8/2012
5 Questions With Meredith Kessler!After meeting Meredith Kessler at Eagleman, it confirmed what I already knew – that she not only had great fashion sense, but she has a heart of gold! Along with Hillary, Meredith is definitely one of the girls in this sport that I look up to.Alyssa Godesky Blog6/25/2012
Thankful Thursday: Special Interview Edition with Meredith KesslerA little while ago I was introduced to Meredith Kessler, Professional Triathlete, through my buddy and CEO of Arctic Ease, Carol. (How's that for some name dropping? Heh.) I did an interview with Meredith for the Arctic Ease blog and from the moment she started speaking I could tell that this was a woman who was not only going to win some big races, but that she's a genuinely nice person.

Meredith turned pro in late 2009 (after killing it as an age grouper mind you) and went on to win Ironman Canada in her first season as a rookie pro. She's no joke. I've been following her career pretty closely ever since our first chat. Mere, I swear I'm not a stalker. Although, I did cut my hair and dye it blonde. SWF! Kidding, kidding.
Discombobulated Running3/15/2012
Meredith Kessler: Life In The Purplepatch - By Bethany MavisInterview after Ironman New Zealand Victory 2012 - We chatted with Kessler (after her long journey home to San Francisco) about racing in New Zealand, her plans for the season and life in the Purplepatch.Triathlete Magazine3/12/2012
Llanos Breaks Eight Hours, Cave Takes Late-Season Win At Ironman Arizona 2011 - Meredith Kessler 3rd PlaceIn the end it was Cave earning the Ironman victory. Corbin grabbed her cowboy hat and finished second for the third time in as many years. Kessler earned third.Triathlete Magazine11/20/2011
Meredith Kessler: 40 Ironman Races and Counting3rd Transition Interview 2011 - Ironman Coeur d'Alene, Ironman St. George, Ironman Canada3rd Transition11/10/2011
Meredith Kessler Defends Subaru Ironman Canada Title 2011 - InterviewPreview of Ironman Canada 2011 - American Meredith Kessler is returning to Penticton to defend her title. She has over 35 Ironman starts to her credit and after, a flourishing age group career, turned to racing in the professional ranks in 2010.Ironman.com8/15/2011
Pro Meredith Kessler’s Favorite Sonoma WineriesTriathlete Magazine Interview Favorite Sonoma Wineries - Since the race is a half-Ironman, you’ll probably find Kessler and her family and friends at one of these five Sonoma wineries in the Russian River Valley post-race for some lunch and wine tasting.Triathlete Magazine7/15/2011
Arctic Ease Exclusive Interview With 2010 Ironman Canada Winner Meredith KesslerArctic Ease Interview - Kessler, having just turned pro, is a 32-year-old rising star in the world of the ultimate triathlon, the Ironman. Kessler’s training focuses less on volume and more on quality workouts so that she can, in her words, never “miss a birthday.”Arctic Ease5/25/2011
Ironman Life: Meredith Kessler - Kevin Mackinnon meets Super Woman Meredith KesslerArticle after DNF Ironman St. George 2011 - This is a woman who won Ironman Canada last year and rushed back to work as an investment banker at RBC. Her typical post-Ironman Monday clothing selection? Compression tights under her dress.Ironman.com5/16/2011