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Meredith Kessler Mother's DayOver the course of an incredibly storied athletic career, Meredith Kessler has earned 11 Ironman titles and 21 Ironman 70.3 titles. She started competing in the sport in 2000 and has dominated year after year. But more than all of those accomplishments, for Meredith it is more important “ be known as Meredith, the person, rather than Meredith, the athlete.”Rudy Project5/6/2020
7 Pep Talks That Inspired Top Athletes To Face Their Fears & Win"The best advice that I have ever heard stemmed more from a very vital word—an integral word that means so much to me personally: gumption. I learned this word from my high school field hockey coach, Ms. Horton, before our team won the state championship title in Ohio. This word is forever ingrained in my soul: Give it some gumption."MindBodyGreen3/1/2019
Top International Professionals Enter Challenge WanakaJoining her on the start line will be American Meredith Kessler who is an 11-time full distance triathlon and 21-time half-distance champion making her a firm favourite amongst the women’s field.Endurance Sportswire2/14/2019
Running Friendships That Go Above And Beyond The Call Of DutyLast April, pro triathlete Meredith Kessler was on the marathon leg of Ironman Texas, her first race back after having a baby five months before. Having swum, biked and run into a top-10 spot, Kessler, of Westerville, Ohio, seemed to be having an epic day. But internally, she was consumed by stress over her son, Mak, who was somewhere along the course with her husband, Aaron. After all, Kessler was still nursing, and Mak wouldn’t take a bottle.Womens Running12/21/2018
Outspoken Summit 2018: If not us, who? If not now, when?Meredith Kessler kicked off the event with her talk on Friday night about how we stay up on that rise. Her words were captivating – just the right mix of personal and shared experience, with practical tips for health of body, mind and community.Running a Life12/9/2018
Eight Things I Learned at the Outspoken SummitAnd yet, every single presenter and speaker brought their “A Game.” Do Kyrsten Sinema, Meredith Kessler and Julie Moss have bigger fish to fry? Of course they do. But they all showed up, fully present and engaged. Always bring your best self to every task.Live Feisty12/6/2018
Takeaways from the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon SummitMeredith Kessler may not have realized it at the time, but she set the tone for the weekend as she stood at the podium to present the Opening Keynote and told us, “I need you to come closer.” And we did.303Triathlon12/5/2018
10 Inspiring Takeaways From the Inaugural Outspoken Summit“If we don’t fail, if we don’t lose, what is going to drive us to be better?” Pro triathlete Meredith Kessler posed this question to Summit attendees.Triathlete Magazine12/3/2018
Challenge Daytona Draws Impressive Professional Field to Inaugural RaceAlso contending for the title is Meredith Kessler (USA). No woman’s place on the podium is ever secure when Kessler steps up to the start line. Known for her prolific racing and winning, as well as her gritty, never-give-up approach, Kessler holds both middle and full distance titles in the double digits.Challenge Family11/20/2018
Drawn to the Desert: Ironman ArizonaHaving had the privilege of racing IRONMAN Arizona every year it’s been offered in Tempe, I feel very fortunate to know the nooks and crannies of the course. The course is a near-perfect first IRONMAN for individuals who want to dive into the 140.6 distance.Ironman11/7/2018
Coaching the Coach: How I’m Training for My First Ironman in 17 YearsA number of years ago—in fact, around the same time RUN was published—I profiled professional triathlete Meredith Kessler for Triathlete. I spent a day with her in San Francisco, and over dinner she told me something I’ve never forgotten: “I can drop in an Ironman at any time of the year if I want to. I’m even-keeled the whole year. I don’t have an off-season. I don’t really even taper. It never feels up or down. When [coach] Matt [Dixon] tells me, ‘You have a 10-day block,’ I look at it and say, ‘That looks like the same thing I just did.’”80/20 Endurance11/5/2018
Meredith Kessler's Comeback TrailMeredith Kessler’s Ventum bicycle stands out in any crowd. The unique paint job has a graffiti-esque look that on closer inspection reveals numerous initials--each set refering to someone who plays an important role in her life. Late last year, Kessler was thrilled to add a new set of initials to her bike after giving birth to a baby boy—Mak Ace Kessler, or MAK.Ironman8/13/2018
Work Out With Triathlete Star Meredith Kessler: Interval Running WorkoutSo whether you’ve been meaning to switch up your workout routine, want to slim down for summer, or just need a little extra motivation to log those miles, be sure to check out Meredith’s first running workout for the #SOUPSQUAD below! We promise it’s totally scalable and achievable — even if you didn’t just win an Ironman like she did in Raleigh on June 3rd (and just 6 months after having her adorable son, MAK, might we add)!ZÜPA NOMA6/28/2018
An 'Iron Woman' Mom's Top Tips for Postpartum FitnessThat means fueling to heal and recalibrate, which will speed up the recovery process. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, it is so important to stay hydrated and replenish your body with healthy nutrients that give you the energy to manage this new little life you are now in charge of every day. For me, my postpartum availability to, say, properly cook vegetables was zero, so I made sure to stock up on chilled veggie superfood soup (ZÜPA NOMA is my favorite) and other healthy, super-easy foods.SheKnows6/5/2018
Rudy Project Athlete Meredith Kessler Voted “Greatest American Triathlete of All Time”“Meredith is obviously a very special athlete, but – more importantly – she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met,” said Chris Lupo, Director of Sports Marketing for Rudy Project North America. “She is a cherished member of the Rudy Project family and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of her tribe.”endurance sportswire5/25/2018
America’s Greatest Triathlete and the Retirement Announcement of a LegendAmerica’s greatest female triathlete: Meredith Kessler has been everyone’s favorite for years, and now it has been recognized by the fan’s and IRONMAN. She’s had a very successful career in the sport, but possibly what she’s most known for is her down to earth selfless attitude.Ventum5/17/2018
Meredith Kessler Voted Greatest American Triathlete of All TimeKessler’s strength in triathlon is that she has no weakness. A front pack swimmer, one of the strongest cyclists in the sport, and a very solid runner, Kessler often leaves her competitors in her wake after the first few swim strokes, never to be seen again on the race course until the finish line.Ironman5/16/2018
MBK is BackMeredith Kessler returns to racing after taking a year off to have her son, MAK. Meredith and her husband Aaron have made a great team in triathlon for many years, and now they added a new member to their crew. Coming back to racing after a year off, she admits she’s a bit “rusty”, rightfully so. Throw her son into the mix and all the “normal” race week tasks change.Ventum5/11/2018
The Swimsuits the Pros Wear“This suit is about as comfortable as it gets in the water,” says Meredith Kessler, five-time Ironman New Zealand champion. “The lower cut around the hips and higher cut and compression around the chest make it so I do not need to worry about being exposed or getting a wedgie every flip turn.” Kessler also appreciates the fit—snug and secure with minimal drag. “I really feel comfortable in it. I don’t have to triple check to make sure everything is perfectly positioned. I just slide it on and dive in.”Outside Online5/7/2018
48 Perfect Gifts for the Active Mom“This is the ultimate recovery equipment for muscular pain and body aches from being an active mom and/or human! The research behind this portable compression system has shown it to be a fast, simple and effective way to relieve workout fatigue and bolster recovery time so you can do it all over again day after day! So powerful, yet so light at just 2.2 pounds.”Gear Patrol5/1/2018
So You're A New Mom: Here's How You Can Become Better At Time ManagementThe saying goes like this: "Time is your biggest commodity." As a professional triathlete, I've never felt like there were enough hours in the day to get in four to six hours of training, nutrition, hydration, recovery, strength training, body healing, time with my husband, catching up with friends and family, business dealings, sponsor duties, and sleep.mindbodygreen4/30/2018
Strong/Brave/Humble - Meredith Kessler“I am all about decluttering the riff-raff from our lives too. The 30-year-old Meredith is so different to the 39-year-old Meredith. That 30-year-old said yes to everything, ran around completely maximised, totally not present, not present at all. The older, wiser Meredith has learnt over time (and is still very much a work in progress) that we have to say no to good things to say yes to important things. Part of this valuable decluttering process is being very cognisant of making time for people that make time for you,”Australian Triathlete4/24/2018
Post-Pregnancy Fitness: On the Road Back to the Start LineMy role models at this point are women like Meredith Kessler, Gwen Jorgensen, Scotti Lechuga, and Tiffany Pezzulo who are devoted moms AND kick-ass athletes.CycleOps4/3/2018
10 Incredible Things Women Achieved While PregnantHowever, elite triathlon competitor Meredith Kessler was more than prepared to tackle Ironman New Zealand on March 4, 2017, having completed the Ironman 59 times before, and pursuing a regimen of 25-30 hours per week of training in preparation for the race.Top Tenz3/28/2018
Indoor Cycling for Ironman PerformanceBut even professionals, who aren't stuck at a desk for 40 hours a week, have jumped onboard the trainer train. Lionel Sanders, Meredith Kessler, and Andy Potts are some notable examples.Tri and Climb3/19/2018
Baby Get Back: Why Strong Mamas Make Better TriathletesI'm not alone when it comes to post-baby weights. Professional triathlete and multiple-time IRONMAN champion Meredith Kessler, who gave birth to her son M.A.K. at the end of 2017, is back in the gym with her trainer Kate Ligler. Kessler is well aware of the significant effect weight and gym work has on women after nine months of pregnancy.Triathlete Magazine2/27/2018
Shaping Sonoma's Future?ZÜPA NOMA, is a superfood fresh chilled soup, created from scratch, each bottle containing four-plus servings of whole organic vegetables through high pressure processing that includes skins, seeds and all. ZUPA NOMA comes in eight flavors and is marketed with the help of celebrity endorsers, including Steph Curry’s celebrity chef wife Ayesha Curry and triathlon champion Meredith Kessler.Valley of the Moon Magazine1/25/2018
The Differences Training A Female And Male Athlete
My sister-in-law, pro Ironman athlete Meredith Kessler, has competed in Ironman events on her period. She discusses this in greater detail in her book, Life of a Triathlete: Race Preparation, so I’m not going to elaborate on her experiences in this area.Young Athlete Hub12/17/2017
Roka Outfits Olympians from Its Design District HQ Roka has earned acclaim as the brand of choice for Olympians and Ironman champions, including Gwen Jorgensen, Javier Gómez Noya, and Meredith Kessler, along with celebrity fans such as Zac Efron and Daisy Ridley.dmagazine12/16/2017
17 News Stories That Shaped Triathlon in 2017
The sport’s recent baby boom—new moms include Mirinda Carfrae, Jodie Swallow, Rachel Joyce, Gwen Jorgensen, Eva Wutti, and Meredith Kessler—reveals a major change in the way pros view pregnancy.Triathlete Magazine12/13/2017
Enve @ 10: Top 10 WinsIn 2014, ENVE triathletes Meredith Kessler, Jodie Swallow and Heather Wurtele swept the podium in the Ironman 70.3 US Pro Championship. Then, incredibly, they repeated the feat the following year, this time with Wuertle winning from Kessler and Swallow. To top it off, the US Championship takes place in St George, in our home state of Utah.Enve Composites12/10/2017
MBK Pro-Tip: Maintaining Bike Fitness During PregnancyEffective. Efficient. Safe. Controlled. Together these elements create the ideal dream of quality cycling! CycleOps indoor cycling trainers have been an instrumental part of my cycling repertoire since the very beginning of my triathlon career. They continue to be a VITAL training tool that allows me to be productive, competent and decisive in the longest, most relentless component in the sport of triathlon.CycleOps11/6/2017
Meredith Kessler - MBK preparing and recovering for BBK!This brings me to a VERY important tool that has continued to be used in abundance (as it is in my normal non-pregnant world!) during this time. This daily tool that has been the valued and beyond important is: Recovery Pump Compression boots. There have been three marquee things in using RP that have helped me navigate through the waves of keeping afloat a fit and healthy pregnancy.RP Sports - Recovery Pump10/24/2017
Viking Rampage A Success in Second Year of RunningOn October 14, 2017, Academy kicked off its second annual Viking Rampage. Obstacle courses were designed by Ryan Yeoman’90 and featured three different courses, each varying in length and complexity. Yeoman placed his challenges across Academy’s 231 acres to test the participants’ agility and to entertain the spectators. Before embarking on their muddy challenges, the Vikings heard from Alumna Meredith Kessler’96, who shared her experiences as a professional triathlete and author.The Academy Life10/16/2017
WAHINE WARRIORS: Pregnancy Edition 2017 - Meredith Kessler, Jodie Swallow, Caroline SteffenMBK: It has always been a dream to become a mum in this lifetime. Specifically, to share in an enriching parenthood experience with Aaron (AK), who has been my partner in life since we were 14 years old. Having been together for so long, everyone understandably thought that we would be the first to bust out a human many years ago, yet amongst our close circle, we are certainly the last!Witsup10/12/2017
Meet The Woman Whose Devastating Cycling Injury Resulted In The Career Of Her DreamsThese days she works with elite athletes such as Ironman champion Meredith Kessler, who leans on Kate for everything from healing her injuries to helping her get stronger. "I can't emphasize enough how much of healing and performance is mental. Your body will heal, but if that mental machine is broken, it's difficult to progress."mindbodygreen10/9/2017
Top Takeaways From This Year's Revitalize Talks“If I’m a happy human, I’m a happy racer. And what makes me happy? Balance… We need to say no to good things to say yes to important things.”
—Ironman champion Meredith Kessler on the five principles that fueled her journey to gold
Anthia Culture & Arts Magazine9/10/2017
The Quotes We're Taking Home From This Year's revitalize"If I'm a happy human, I'm a happy racer. And what makes me happy? Balance... We need to say no to good things to say yes to important things."
—Ironman champion Meredith Kessler on the five principles that fueled her journey to gold
Why The Future Of Fitness Is All About InclusivityIronman champion Meredith Kessler, who will be giving a talk at revitalize this year, thinks there will be a larger focus on developing healthy habits early in life.mindbodygreen9/8/2017
How Holly Lawrence Became 70.3’s Leading Lady“When Holly first came onto the 70.3 circuit in the states as a relatively ‘unknown’ competitor, she was basically gritting out races with an injury,” says Meredith Kessler, a close friend and sometimes mentor.Triathlete Magazine9/8/2017
One Of The Biggest Struggles For Female Athletes? Getting Their Periods BackIn July, Ironman champion Meredith Kessler talked to mbg about something she'd been wrestling with her entire life: her period.mindbodygreen8/10/2017
This Woman Completed An Ironman Competition While Pregnant, Like A Total BadassMeredith Kessler of New Zealand completed the Ironman New Zealand in March, when she was four weeks pregnant. To be fair, she is actually a professional triathlete; she was actually representing ZUPA Noma Chilled Soup for the event.Romper8/5/2017
How This Athlete Completed the Ironman Triathlon While PregnantThe Ironman Triathlon is no joke. The athletic event requires an incredible amount of discipline, a crazy-high level of fitness and nearly superhuman endurance to manage a 2.4 mile-long swim, a 112-mile bike, and a marathon-length run in a single day. But Meredith Kessler managed to do it—and as if that weren't enough, the athlete completed the event while pregnant.fitPregnancy8/4/2017
This Woman Completed Her 60th Ironman Triathlon While PregnantOn March 4, 2017, I raced Ironman New Zealand, not knowing I was around four weeks pregnant at the time. I had diligently prepared for that race throughout the winter in hopes of capturing a six-peat victory. But I did not feel like myself out there. It makes sense to me now why I was so nauseated, ill, and having pockets of vomiting throughout the nine-ish hours on the course.Shape Magazine8/4/2017
Ironman 70.3 Ohio: Dublin native Vulanich repeats as championLongtime mentor Meredith Kessler. She is a 1996 Columbus Academy graduate who has won several Ironman 70.3 and 140.6 events. “Mike was pretty raw when I started working with him, but his athletic prowess from other sports carried over,” said Rodrigues,This Week Community News8/1/2017
7 Pep Talks That Inspired Top Athletes To Face Their Fears & Win"The best advice that I have ever heard stemmed more from a very vital word—an integral word that means so much to me personally: gumption. I learned this word from my high school field hockey coach, Ms. Horton, before our team won the state championship title in Ohio. This word is forever ingrained in my soul: Give it some gumption."mindbodygreen7/29/2017
This Woman Completed Her 60th Ironman While Pregnant — And Learned Some Valuable Lessons Along The WayAt 39 years old, Meredith Kessler has a life that's just about as full as they come. She's an Ironman champion, she's been with her high school sweetheart since she was 14, and she's six months' pregnant with a baby boy.mindbodygreen7/19/2017
The Taupō 10: Why You Need to Race New Zealand Next YearSimply memorable: "The major reason you should come to New Zealand is you will remember it for the rest of your life," says five-time champion, Meredith Kessler. "You cannot say this about just any place on Earth; this is how special a place like New Zealand is and why you must experience it. I can talk all day about the people, the enriching culture, the countryside, views and natural beauty but you must witness it yourself which is the ultimate reason to come."Ironman6/22/2017
Another to add to the 2017 pregnancy list: Meredith KesslerAdd one more triathlon champion to the soon-to-be-a-mom list: Meredith Kessler and husband Aaron are expecting a boy in November.
Earlier this year Kessler finished third at Ironman New Zealand, a race that she's won five times.
Triathlon World6/22/2017
Meredith Kessler talks about her book "LIFE OF A TRIATHLETE".In our book, I write about tried and error to live as an age group and as a professional triathlete, and struggled. I wanted to tell the readers all their successes and failures.
The information necessary for the triathlete is not limited to training know-how and teaching from the coach. There are many things that can happen in our usual life, leading to failure in the race.
Triathlon Lumina5/29/2017
Select "VENTUM" as a weapon that leaves legs in the run.Meredith Kessler who won the victory in favorite Ironman (IM) · New Zealand immediately after being welcomed as a support rider from VENTUM founder Deer Nor.
After that I will have three wins with IM Arizona, 70.3 Taupo, but how did she change in the first season when I entered the VENTUM team?
Triathlon Lumina5/29/2017
IMNZ total of 5 wins for Meredith KesslerIn order to build my own economic base, I had four jobs with triathlon coach, professional triathlette, cycling instructor, and employee of RBC Securities, but as the foundation on which I can act as a professional player stabilizes, I gradually work We reduced the number of.Triathlon Lumina5/29/2017
Obsessed is Just a WordThen there are those with the capacity to realize their goals through an understanding of hard work and dedication. I am reminded of a quote Meredith Kessler shared at a speech I attended last year that goes “obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”. These people may grasp the concept of a goal but cannot connect the dots between action and outcome.DavidWelby.com3/19/2017
5 takeaways from Ironman New ZealandChampions never quit. Meredith Kessler and Cam Brown didn’t win this weekend past. They weren’t going to give their titles away without a fight, though. Both Brown and Kessler raced hard to finish and, in doing so, left the crowd with reason to remember why they have been so successful in the previous editions. And, while we are talking through this, the post race carriage of both these former multiple winners should be noted too. Kessler, in tears at the press conference, felt she had let down the city of Taupo, a place that has embraced the five-time winner.Triathlon World3/7/2017
The Rise of RokaPro Meredith Kessler wore the Maverick Pro at Ironman New Zealand and clocked an astonishing 47:37 swim for 2.4 miles. Her closest competitor, Gina Crawford, also a fantastic swimmer who had outswum Kessler in their previous race, exited the swim four minutes back.Triathlete Magazine3/7/2017
Kessler Chases Six-Straight at Ironman New ZealandWhen it comes to Ironman New Zealand, Meredith Kessler is the undisputed Queen. In 2017, she will chase her sixth straight victory at the Taupo event. To put that in perspective, there are children starting school this year who were not even born the last time anyone other than Kessler won the event.Witsup3/1/2017
Meredith Kessler seeks sixth straight Ironman New Zealand title in home away from homeIt is always said that you are only as good as your last race," Kessler said. "Yet there are certain events that hold a special place in your heart and Ironman New Zealand is that race for me and my husband.
"It is not lost upon me that it is very difficult to become an Ironman champion, let alone have the opportunity to toe the line at consecutive events to repeat, and then have the luxury of having everything fall into place to do that six times.
Stuff NZ2/26/2017
10 Pros on Staying Motivated During the Dark Winter MonthsPrepare the Night Before
Kessler lays out her workout attire and packs her gear bag before heading to bed so that minimal thinking is needed come the crack of dawn. “Everything should be easy and previously planned for the morning so when the alarm goes off at ‘oh dark thirty,’ you know that you are set up for success, and can save your energy for the efforts,” she says. The prep extends to her fueling, too: she fills water bottles and stashes them in the fridge overnight and also lays out a banana and granola with an empty bowl and spoon so that breakfast is as easy as pouring milk.
Runners World1/20/2017
How To Recover From Your Workout Faster, According To Ironman Champ Meredith KesslerAthletes don’t come much fitter than four-sport athlete and ZÜPA NOMA ambassador, Meredith Kessler. As a Ironman champion, Kessler trains up to five times daily and kicks off her active day at 4 a.m. each morning. She fuels this intense workout schedule by consuming up to 4,000 calories daily, including a healthy yogurt-filled breakfast, fruit and vegetables, lean meat, and healthy grains.sportluxe1/6/2017
Concussions: A First Hand Account From a Professional AthleteChris Nowinski, who went to Harvard University with my husband Aaron Kessler, is co-founder and executive director of Sports Legacy Institute to research brain trauma in sports; their work is ongoing and has provided many breakthroughs but there is still a lot we just do not know.Play2Health1/1/2017
Gallery: 16 Top Performances of 2016Meredith Kessler is one of the most successful figures in long-distance triathlon with more than 20 victories in IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 races since she turned pro in 2009. But even by her high standards, 2016 brought two superb results as she twice went under nine hours in retaining titles at IRONMAN New Zealand and IRONMAN Arizona.Ironman12/31/2016
Strength Behind The Pros Part 2Kate Ligler: MBK is also meticulous with her training details (so awesome!), and I receive real-time updates when her workouts have been uploaded. We then assess her performance and layer the workouts in Training Peaks around her key sessions – swim, bike, run, and strength.Witsup12/16/2016
Strength Behind The Pros Part 1Kate Ligler is based in San Francisco and works with a range of endurance athletes from a number of sports. She specializes in functional strength and conditioning as well as being a corrective and performance specialist. Kate works closely with multiple Ironman Champion, Meredith Kessler.Witsup12/14/2016
Ironman Triathlon Tips From the Best of the BestGearing up for a triathlon is intimidating enough on its own, so why go it alone? Instead, learn from five professional athletes (Daniela Ryf, Sebastian Kienle, Meredith Kessler, Jesse Thomas and Angela Naeth) who have plenty of wisdom to share when it comes to conquering a tri.Red Bull11/30/2016
What It's Really Like to Train for (and Be) an IronmanMeredith Kessler is a professional triathlete and Ironman champ who has completed more than 50 Ironman races around the world, including the World Championship in Kona. So what did it take to get her ready for a competition of this magnitude? And what does the career résumé of an Ironman champion even look like? Kessler gave us an inside look:Shape10/26/2016
We bet you don’t know Ironman athletes like thisMotto: It’s more about the journey than the outcome – only surround yourself by those who enrich your life, keep your chi, and don't be so focused on the end result, but enjoy the journey along the way.Red Bull10/10/2016
Cycling for Speed: Tips from Meredith KesslerOne of the fastest cyclists in the sport of triathlon—Meredith Kessler—has already racked up a slew of wins this season to add to her extensive resume. She nabbed a first-place finish at IRONMAN New Zealand—for the fifth year running—and podium finishes at IRONMAN 70.3 St. George and IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh. The San Franciscan toes the line at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona for the fifth time in her career on October 8th.Ironman10/6/2016
Ironman World Championship 2016 PreviewMeredith Kessler has had a tough time of it in the past at Kona and will be looking to exorcise some of those demons in 2016. Her form away from the Big Island has been superb, with wins at Ironman Arizona and Ironman New Zealand.Witsup10/6/2016
Ironman World Championships Team Saucony BlogFor over three decades the IRONMAN World Championship has brought the world’s best triathletes together in competition. The IRONMAN World Championship centers on the dedication and courage exhibited by athletes who demonstrate the IRONMAN mantra that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.Saucony Blog10/6/2016
10 Questions With Meredith Kessler: America's Most Decorated Ironman AthleteOhio-native Red Bull triath­lete Mered­ith Kessler has been a sports lover since she was a kid—but it wasn’t until 2009 that she became a pro­fes­sional athlete.
One of the most dec­o­rated pro­fes­sional triath­letes in the coun­try, Kessler has won over a dozen triathlons and was named USA Triathlon’s 2014 Non-Drafting Ath­lete of the Year.
The Clymb10/5/2016
Dublin Native Vulanich Wins Delaware TriathlonVulanich has spent time in California training with Meredith Kessler, a 1996 Columbus Academy graduate who has won numerous Ironman 70.3 events as well as what's considered a "full" Ironman, an Ironman 140.6, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run.This Week Community News Dublin Villager8/25/2016
The Dreaded ‘I’ Word – InjuryA lot of what I write about is so others do not necessarily emulate but maybe learn from my trials and tribulations. This is why we are releasing our first manual, Life of a Triathlete: Race Preparation,, and why I enjoy writing for partners like Recovery Pump. If I can help individuals by relaying my experiences then it makes the process worthwhile. The reason I am prefacing this is because everyone is different, especially in regard to their bodies and injuries. Showing the process that I went down and the rabbit hole that it became should be an eye opener for others in a similar predicament.RPSports8/24/2016
The secret to swim, bike & running happyPRO TIP:Little comforts can make a big difference in a longer race. Ironman champion Meredith Kessler stashes mint gum at strategic spots throughout her iron-distance events (e.g., in her XLAB Rocket Pocket on her bike, in her special needs bag on the run). It cleans the palate and performs a subtle “refresh” function for body and mind.Triathlete Magazine8/12/2016
Island House Invitational Again Attracts All-Star Field
The Island House Invitational Triathlons today announced the preliminary start list for its three-day non-drafting triathlon stage race, set for Oct. 28-30 in the Bahamas. The unique race format brings all-stars from all of triathlon’s distances—from ITU to Ironman—together for unique head-to-head match-ups. The event offers a massive $500,000 prize purse, making it no surprise that several top names will choose to cap off their 2016 season in paradise.Triathlete Magazine8/9/2016
Fuel Your Workout Like the World’s Best Athletes
“As professional triathletes, we understandably burn a lot of calories since we’re training 20 to 30 hours per week,” says Meredith Kessler, winner of Ironman Canada and veteran of more than 50 other Ironman races. “You need calories to sustain your energy levels, both mentally and physically.”Alive7/27/2016
Bike Tips from the Top
Unfortunately, when it comes to improving performance on the bike, there’s no silver bullet. Many hours in the saddle and supplementary work are the things that contribute to faster times and more efficient riding. To be sure, when you optimize your training and choose workouts that are shown to improve fitness and technique, the road to reaching your goals becomes that much smoother.USA Triathlon7/21/2016
A Disciplined Pre Race Routine Can Save Your Race (part 2) – The Checklist
In an ideal world to be as fresh as possible, the triathlete would want to sit in their Recovery Boots before a race, efficiently hydrating and eating, and resting on their own time. In the real world, this is usually not possible and there are obligations to fulfill. I have always been fascinated by these unseen factors and how they can affect the athlete’s performance before a race.Ceramic Speed7/20/2016
A Disciplined Pre Race Routine Can Save Your Race (part 1) – The program
There is understandably a lot that can go wrong during a triathlon race, for all participants; this is one of the main reasons, why it is such a challenge. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the body and mind race ready and then you still have to be composed when the unforeseen happens on race day.Ceramic Speed7/20/2016
My Favorite Workout, Swim Edition: Meredith Kessler's 'Feel Good' 100's
Besides being known as one of the nicest folks on the racing circuit, Meredith Kessler is also one of the most successful pros right now. With 10 IRONMAN victories and 18 IRONMAN 70.3 wins she is clearly doing something right. When she's ready to share a workout, I for one am ready to listen.Ironman.com7/20/2016
Ventum Athletes Hit Their Stride June 2016
2015 IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3 champion Meredith Kessler returned for another bout. Meredith held her place at the front of the swimming, emerging 6 seconds from 2nd place, and 3:33 from third.Ventum Racing6/23/2016
In Ironman competition it’s all about gumption
Alex Kuss, 41, and Becca Anderson, 39, both of Raleigh, were on hand Sunday with their families to root for Meredith Kessler, whom they grew up with in Columbus, Ohio. Seven-year-old twins Milly and Campbell Kuss held a hand-painted sign that proclaimed, “Go Mer/Almost There.”
Earlier, on Friday, Kessler, who now lives in San Francisco, took time out to talk to the Root Elementary School first-grade class that includes Milly and Campbell.
Among other things, Kessler – who was tops among the women in last year’s race and finished second on Sunday – told the class about gumption. And Campbell was definitely paying attention.
“Gumption means to keep on going and to do your best,” he said. “You don’t give up.”
The News & Observer6/5/2016
Ironman 70.3 Raleigh - Kessler Returns to DefendMeredith Kessler returns to North Carolina this weekend as the defending champion at Ironman 70.3 Raleigh. The American scored victory in her signature wire-to-wire racing style a year ago and will be looking to do the same again this weekend.Witsup6/3/2016
Faces In The Pack: Team Every Man Jack’s Ritch Viola
The San Francisco Bay area resident also runs the Every Man Jack elite triathlon team, which has grown to 70 members. This year, the father of two, ages 9 and 11, is targeting Kona qualification with the help of training partner Meredith Kessler while preserving a healthy life balance.Triathlete Magazine5/12/2016
2016 Ironman 70.3 St. George Key Match-Ups: Pro Women
In fact, Kessler and Wurtele have a monopoly on victories in St. George, each with three wins to their credit—will one make it four, or will a new victor emerge this year?Triathlete Magazine5/6/2016
Elite Ironman athletes talk rivalries, rituals and readinessKessler said that while she has no plans to slow down despite being 37 years old, she acknowledges that if injury ever prevents her from racing, she would heed the call of nature.
“I think the lens I look through, that will be the universe’s way of telling me ‘well, it’s time to bust out a kid,'” she said, drawing cheers and laughter from the audience.
St. George News5/5/2016
Frodeno aims for world record - Challenge Roth 2016 Field AnnouncedStrong competition comes from the USA in the form of Meredith Kessler, Mary Beth Ellis and Caroline Gregory. Based in San Francisco, Kessler has no less than 10 Ironman victories on her CV with her most recent success at Ironman New Zealand which she won for a fifth time with a new course record.Challenge Roth4/20/2016
Challenge Roth Start List: Roth Royalty vs Roth RookiesReigning champion and Roth royalty with three wins under her belt, Yvonne Van Vlerken will be joined by the rest of the 2015 podium – Carrie Lester and Anja Beranek. However, last year’s top finishers will also have some strong competition from the likes of Roth rookies, Meredith Kessler, Mary Beth Ellis, Susie Cheetham and Laura Siddall, plus others who return to Roth.Witsup4/20/2016
How Can an Athlete race so much?We then head to one of our favorite lodges, the Poronui Lodge, 45 minutes outside of Taupo, - @PoronuiLodge - This is just my husband and I enjoying our time with the friendly staff, who have become friends, and the other like minded guests wanting to get away.Recovery Pump4/9/2016
Analyzing Consistency of AthletesFor these athletes predictions give a good indication, but it is also interesting whether there is a higher potential for an “up-side”, better-than-expected result (larger percentage of faster results, e.g. Carolin Steffen) or for a “down-side” result (larger percentage of sub-par results, e.g. Jodie Swallow or Andreas Raelert). For other athletes, the day could go either way (e.g. Meredith Kessler or Luke McKenzie).Trirating4/9/2016
Get-Started Guide To TriWe’re not sure if pro triathlete Meredith Kessler coined the phrase “Get comfortable being uncomfortable,” but with 56 Ironman finishes under her belt, she’s certainly an expert on the topic. “This is where the magic happens—the raw, subtle moment of pleasure and pain,” says KesslerTriathlete Magazine3/30/2016
Sweat testing for athletes: is it worth it?Hannah spoke to top long-course athletes Luke McKenzie, Mirinda Carfrae, Rachel Joyce, Meredith Kessler and Beth Gerdes to find out if they’re sweat testing and the valuable lessons they’ve learnt along the way.220 Triathlon3/7/2016
Is Number Five Alive For Kessler at Ironman New ZealandIt’s fair to say that US athlete, Meredith Kessler loves Ironman New Zealand, and has well and truly been adopted by the people of Taupo. Back in 2012, she came, she saw, she conquered and then repeated that another three times.Witsup3/4/2016
The Eagleman 20: Why We Love It"[This race] will challenge athletes of all levels. In addition, you are racing in a historic town with an exquisite restaurant, shopping, wildlife, and sight seeing scene. This is a special way for your family and friends to spend an early summer weekend in a colonial East Coast town!" – Meredith KesslerIronman.com2/29/2016
Meredith Kessler and Gina Crawford Head Stellar Women's Field For Ironman New ZealandAmerican Meredith Kessler will return to her home away from home to chase her fifth straight win at the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand in Taupô next month.
The Californian, who along with husband Aaron, has formed a close affinity with Taupô, has four wins at IRONMAN New Zealand as she zeros in on the record of six titles of Kiwi legend Jo Lawn.
How to eat like a professional triathlete, according to Meredith KesslerEach week, a new athlete will share their weekly diet and diet tips on For The Win. Up this week? Red Bull Triathlete Meredith Kessler, who won eight of the 12 Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races she entered in 2015.USA Today2/19/2016
9-Time Ironman Meredith Kessler on Why Good Sleep is Her Greatest WeaponMeredith Kessler understands this. A Red Bull-sponsored athlete and one of the foremost triathletes in the world, Kessler just notched her ninth Ironman title at the Arizona Ironman (she won by more than eight minutes) and says she owes much of her achievements to learning how to incorporate proper rest into her training regimen.Van Winkle's1/25/2016
Rudy Project Helmets: Proven Performance in 2015Meredith Kessler rounded out the year with a show stopping performance at IRONMAN® Arizona, completing the course in a time of 8:44 flat…the fastest women’s IRONMAN® finish of 2015! Both multisport stars rocked a Rudy lid, elevating their performances to the highest level.Rudy Project12/29/2015
12 Races + 8 1st Place wins in 2015 = Quite the YearTraining is easy; recovery takes discipline. I always have to tell myself this as the year comes to a close, the races add up, and the body is not as fresh. This is also true as you get older and you don’t have twenty year old legs anymore. For this piece for Recovery Pump, I wanted to diagram the lead in to Ironman Taupo 70.3, our 12th race of 2015 on December 12th.Recovery Pump12/23/2015
Weaponize Your Bike SkillsMeredith Kessler will be the first to admit that for many years she was not fond of riding her bike outdoors, preferring the ease and comfort of the trainer for more than 80 percent of her bike training.Triathlete Magazine12/22/2015
39 Things Runners Wish They'd Known Before Their First RaceAbout 10 minutes before the start of the race, rev up your energy with a couple sips of Red Bull or a 100-calorie gel. This will help spike the mind, adrenaline, and overall body aura to focus in with stamina on the race at hand. — Meredith Kessler, Red Bull triathlete, marathoner, Ironman championGreatist12/15/2015
Role ModelsYou only have to watch the likes of Meredith Kessler at an event and the generosity of the professional triathlete’s time both pre, post and during the key moments before the gun goes. Can you imagine fans running up to Rodger Federer in his dressing room before he takes to Wimbledon or fans crowding around for a chat with Reggie Bush on the sidelines?Witsup12/15/2015
Kessler, Berkel face Kiwi charge at TaupoAmerican star Meredith Kessler, who has won IRONMAN New Zealand four times in Taupo, has returned to add to her plethora of international victories over the IRONMAN 70.3 distance.
In-form Australian Tim van Berkel, a multi-podium winner around the globe, is looking to finish his year off in style by outlasting a strong Kiwi field in the men’s race at the inaugural Kellogg's Nutri-Grain IRONMAN 70.3 Taupō.
Ironman Arizona 2015 - Analyzing ResultsAs usual IM Arizona was very quick, especially on the bike: A bike adjustment of 20:25 was the main contributor to an overall adjustment of 22:52, the quickest in Arizona so far. Even with the great conditions, the two new bike course records by Andy Starykowicz (4:03:35) and Meredith Kessler (4:42:13) are great performances.Trirating11/16/2015
McMahon, Kessler Set To Defend Ironman Arizona TitlesLast year’s women’s champion Meredith Kessler (USA) has raced in every running of Ironman Arizona, dating back to when she was competing as an age grouper. In 2014 Kessler came to Arizona after a disappointing Kona performance, and she’ll do the same this year and will again be hungry to show what she can do at the distance.Triathlete Magazine11/13/2015
The 17 Best Marathons for BeginnersSpecial thanks to the following runners for their input: Chris Lopez, co-leader of The Rise NYC; Christopher Ho, co-leader of New York City’s The Most Informal Running Club, Ever; Michele Gorman; Tom Harley; Laura Beachy; Jasmin Roman; Tom Holland, author of The Marathon Method; Ken Szekretar; Meredith Kessler; Chris Warren, co-founder of Marathon Maniacs.Greatist11/5/2015
5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Triathlon (From Pro Athlete Meredith Kessler)To help you on your path, we asked Meredith Kessler, eight-time Ironman champion who will be competing in her 55th full Ironman race at the Kona World Championships in October (and hoping to be the first American-born female athlete to win the title since 1985!​), to recommend five things first timers should know about doing triathlons.I'd Rather Be Strong Than Skinny10/13/2015
7 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Triathlon (From An Ironman Champion!)The draw of a triathlon race is the challenge of trying to master three distinct disciplines, swimming, biking, and running. You may be sitting there thinking, How can I get into triathlon racing as someone who has limited or no experience in the sport?mindbodygreen10/12/2015
The Race That Defines Human PotentialMeredith Kessler, currently a top American Ironman competitor and a perennial favorite at Kona: It’s a deep-water start and it is so nerve-racking. You’re waiting there for a good five minutes, just treading water until the cannon goes off. Your heart is pulsing. You just want the gun to go off.The Red Bulletin10/9/2015
Talk About Fitspiration! 7 Female Athletes Reveal How Fitness Made Them Stronger"What got me through this time period was being able to slowly get back into my training: Slow swim sets, jogging on the treadmill, and pedaling on the stationary bike were my outlets," she explains. "There are risks in everything you do in life and you can't live in a bubble," she says.Shape Magazine10/5/2015
Kona 2015 Profile: Meredith Kessler
She quickly bounced back, managed to finally win IM Arizona in November (after being 2nd both previous years before) and also IM New Zealand in March – for the fourth time in a row. This more or less secured her Kona slot, so she and coach Matt Dixon dialed back her IM schedule. She was still successfully racing a lot of 70.3s: “The highlight of our season was likely the four victory stretch from Ironman Raleigh 70.3 in early June through Vineman in the middle of July. It is rewarding to be able to stay consistent through four closely spaced races in this day and age of better competition in the women’s triathlon field.”Trirating10/2/2015
2015 Kona Preview - Women
This 8-time Ironman winner, 13-time Ironman 70.3 victor, ITU Long Distance Worlds bronze medalist, and 4-time Ironman New Zealand winner has been hungry for a podium at Ironman 70.3 Worlds [best was 4th in 2014] and retains dreams of a top 5 at Kona.Slowtwitch10/2/2015
5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Triathlon
To help you on your path, we asked Meredith Kessler, eight-time Ironman champion who will be competing in her 55th full Ironman race at the Kona World Championships in October (and hoping to be the first American-born female athlete to win the title since 1985!​), to recommend five things first timers should know about doing triathlons.Blisstree9/24/2015
12 Triathlon Training Tips Every Beginner Triathlete Needs to Know"The task for preparing for a triathlon race can be daunting because you need to balance family, friends, work, and training," says Meredith Kessler, a pro triathlete who's competed in over 50 full Ironman races and is headed to the Ironman World Championships in October. "But you can get a quality workout in a short period of time without sacrificing your whole day." Find a training plan that meets your time constraints and race needs and then stick to your goalsShape Magazine9/10/2015
54 Truths I've Learned From Competing In 54 IronmansI love the Ironman events because although it's extremely challenging, mentally and physically, I am on a team with my family, friends, supporters and colleagues, who have all worked hard to get me where I am today. I use that support system to fuel my fire and completely immerse myself in the task ahead. Here are 54 things I've learned about racing and motivation over the course of my Ironman career:mindbodygreen9/2/2015
The Hills are Alive with Top Contenders at 70.3 WorldsMeredith Kessler is always a threat for the podium when she toes the line – and more than likely it’s that top step of the podium that’s in danger of being stamped on by Kessler at the end of the race. ”Zell Am See is a picturesque Austrian city with tremendous sites, beauty, and old world European charm.Witsup8/29/2015
2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Preview: The WomenWith more than 50 Ironman races and dozens of 70.3 races under her belt, Kessler is as experienced as they come when it comes to racing long-course.Triathlete Magazine8/26/2015
Shake Off Your Mid-Season RutMeredith Kessler
The telltale sign that I’m in a rut is when I have several days in a row of what I call ‘WEB’ (Why Even Bother) workouts.
Triathlete Magazine8/13/2015
What Is Pro Triathlon Union?An international group of 15 well-established pros, as members of the founding board of directors, have been the main drivers of the new union. They are Jodie Swallow, Rachel Joyce, Helle Frederiksen, Mirinda Carfrae, Meredith Kessler, Mary Beth Ellis, Angela Naeth, Sebastian Kienle, Pete Jacobs, Dirk Bockel, Dylan McNiece, Timothy O’Donnell, James Cunnama, Andreas Dreitz and Scott DeFilippis.Triathlete Magazine8/12/2015
Big Names Launch Professional Triathlon UnionThe union was formed in 2014 and its founding Board of Directors include some of the biggest names in the sport, including: Jodie Swallow, Rachel Joyce, Helle Frederiksen, Mirinda Carfrae, Meredith Kessler, Mary Beth Ellis, Angela Naeth, Sebastian Kienle, Pete Jacobs, Dirk Bockel, Dylan McNiece, Tim O’Donnell, James Cunnama, Andreas Dreitz and Scott DeFilippis. According to the press release, the group will look to increase the diversity of the board as it grows.Triathlete Magazine7/29/2015
Meredith Kessler, Ironman New Zealand Champion: A ReviewIn March of 2015 Meredith became Ironman New Zealand Champion for the fourth time in a row, breaking her own course record for the second year in succession. This marvelous achievement, on such a historic course, is something that we don't take lightly. I thought it may be interesting to gain insight into the riding portion of her race with a little look at her power file.Powertap7/22/2015
25th Ironman 70.3 Vineman Draws Impressive FieldTopping the women’s start list is three-time and defending champion Meredith Kessler, who lives in nearby San Francisco and refers to Vineman as her “hometown race.” She’s obviously very familiar with the course and is having a strong season, so she’ll be tough to dethrone, but there are several top women racing against her this year.Triathlete Magazine7/9/2015
Ironman 70.3 Vineman Preview - Will Kessler Continue Her Streak?Meredith Kessler has been crowned the *Queen of the Vineyards* for the past three years and it’s hard to look past the Ohio native who now calls the Bay Area home. She knows the course well and often drives one-hour north from her home in Marin to train on the Sonoma County roads. Her current form looks to be excellent having scooped three titles in four weeks over the half-iron distance in recent weeks.Witsup7/9/2015
Mont Tremblant 70.3 - Kaye and Kessler to do battle for the "Dirty Double"The triathlon “dirty double” is a phrase used frequently by Matt Dixon, founder of Purplepatch fitness, to refer to racing on back to back weekends. That is exactly what Americans Alicia Kaye and Meredith Kessler are doing this weekend when they toe the line at Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant.Witsup6/19/2015
Strength Train Like a GirlWhat does this mean for women in the gym? We’ve clearly got some catching up to do on thoracic-focused (upper-body) exercises to build strength. But when it comes to the lower body, we’d do well to focus on proper knee and hip alignment to minimize injury risk.
Here are five of Ligler’s favorite exercises that are perfect for female triathletes (with seven-time IRONMAN champion Meredith Kessler as the model).
Triathlete Magazine6/17/2015
Challenge Williamsburg and Camsur Race PreviewsKessler explained. “As humans we learn from history, just like we as triathletes learn from our prior races. There is no substitute for experience and the individuals who colonized Williamsburg in our nation’s infancy laid the groundwork for where we are today. The bottom line: everyone should remember history, whether we are talking about the beginning of the United States or your first triathlon race!”Witsup6/11/2015
Inside My Gear Bag With Meredith KesslerSan Francisco Bay Area-based pro triathlete Meredith Kessler left a job in investment banking to pursue her passion for long-course racing, and in total has raced more than 50 full Ironmans. The Ohio native participated in both collegiate field hockey and track, and transformed into a well-rounded triathlete, thanks in part to her coaching by Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness.Triathlete Magazine6/9/2015
Pros Prepare For Battle At Challenge Williamsburg 2015The race, which takes place on June 14th, welcomes return champion Eric Limkemann (USA) and Wiliamsburg first-timer and world-renowned triathlon champion Meredith Kessler (USA), headlining the men’s and women’s professional fields.Endurance Sportswire5/27/2015
Ironman 70.3 Saint George - US Pro ChampionshipsSeveral years ago, Ironman designated the Saint George 70.3 as the US Pro Championship event in the series. Since that time, the best professional athletes and age groupers in the sport have made their way to sunny Saint George, Utah with goals of titles and blowing out the cobwebs of winter. For ENVE it was our first opportunity of the season to say hello to our family of triathletes, provide support, and teach people about the merits of ENVE carbon.Enve Composites5/2/2015
7 Things To Watch At Ironman 70.3 St. George When the women slip in to the cool blue waters of Sand Hollow, all eyes will likely be on last year’s champion, Meredith Kessler, and four-time world champion Mirinda Carfrae. But, those who know this course also know that its punishing hills, baking heat and gusting wind make the outcome here is as unpredictable as the desert breeze.Witsup5/1/2015
Meredith Kessler Ahead Of St. George: “I Love To Race” Only one woman has broken the tape in St. George since it started hosting the 70.3 North American Championships in 2013: Meredith Kessler. As the prolific athlete prepares to win in St. George for the fourth year in a row (she also won the full Ironman in 2012), the 36 year-old sat down to talk with about strategy, aging, race selection and her focus for 2015.Triathlete Magazine4/30/2015
Stellar Field Lining Up In St. George Saturday Women’s Race
Meredith Kessler
2014 result: 1st
Coach: Matt Dixon
The three-time St. George winner and veteran pro will return to defend her title for the fourth consecutive year (she also won the race when it was a full Ironman in 2012). Kessler’s year has started with a bang—in addition to winning Ironman 70.3 Auckland in January, Kessler took her fourth consecutive win at Ironman New Zealand in March.
Triathlete Magazine4/29/2015
Get Lean, Get Fast and Stay Strong I find it incredibly valuable to have a sports/nutrition role model. Look at other athletes that are leaders in their field (professional or amateur) who are performing at their best, not promoting crazy diets and achieving that fueling balance. Mine is Meredith Kessler – a professional triathlete and all around incredible woman. Her body is a vehicle for performance and she trains harder than any human being I've ever met.Run To The Finish - Amanda Brooks4/20/2015
Rookie Pros Share The Good, Bad And Ugly Meredith Kessler: If you have a decent race, it’s a misnomer that sponsors will automatically call and sign you to a contract. Treat your pro triathlete career like a business where you have to be the sales, marketing, human resources, travel agent and blue-collar worker for your entity; constantly network, update your résumé and sell yourself at every opportunity just like you would in a job interview.Triathlete Magazine4/1/2015
Side EffectsFor example, Meredith Kessler raced and won Ironman Arizona in November and Ironman New Zealand in March – a strategy that only made sense because she had 2.185 points from 70.3 champs and another 1.500 from 70.3 Auckland).Trirating3/14/2015
Ironman's final hour reveals the true championsKessler had finished nearly eight hours earlier, winning her fourth straight Ironman New Zealand title before bursting into tears with the emotion of another win.
She returned with half an hour remaining to hand the last few athletes their Ironman medals, and John Utanga was to be no different.
Ironman New Zealand Preview: Taupo TemptationsLast year Meredith Kessler secured a three peat at Ironman New Zealand, a tough and rare occurrence in the world of triathlon. This year the temptation to return to Taupo was too great once again and she’s back, looking to score four from four.Witsup3/6/2015
USA Triathlon Announces 2014 Triathletes Of The YearKessler, a long-distance specialist, won six events, including Ironman New Zealand and Ironman Arizona. She was fourth at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. Hoffman earned podium finishes at six events throughout the year, highlighted by the Ironman World Championship, where his second-place finish was the best for an American since 2009.Triathlete Magazine3/2/2015
USA Triathlon Names 2014 Elite Triathletes of the YearNon-Drafting Athlete of the Year accolades went to Alicia Kaye (Clermont, Fla.), Meredith Kessler (San Francisco, Calif.) and Ben Hoffman (Boulder, Colo.). Kaye, who was also the 2013 winner in this category, won five events in 2014 including the Chicago Triathlon and New York City Triathlon. She was also second at the Hy-Vee 5150 Championships.USA Triathlon3/2/2015
Challenged Athletes Foundation Announces MBK Bay Area Cycle Challenge Followed by a Penthouse Reception at the BatteryThe MBK Bay Area Cycle Challenge and Penthouse Reception to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) is an elite indoor 4-hour cycling experience at SHIFT with an evening reception at The Battery Penthouse. The event will honor Pro Triathlete and IRONMAN champion Meredith Kessler “MBK” and feature some incredible female role models including Heather Abbott, who lost her leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Last year, CAF supported 1,469 athletes with physical challenges globally with 118 people in the Bay Area alone, several who will participate in this event. Funds raised will help CAF support more people with physical challenges locally and nationwide.Endurance Sportswire2/26/2015
Challenge Dubai draws million-dollar field"I'm expecting a very fierce race, just like Bahrain. Jodie Swallow, Daniela Ryf, Alicia Kaye, Meredith Kessler, Heather Wurtele and so many others are just world class, I expect them to bring their best and I'm glad to be in a position where I can bring mine.Transitions2/25/2015
Ironman New Zealand 2015 (March 7th) – PredictionsMeredith Kessler is the clear female favorite. If nothing goes wrong for „MBK“, she should win her fourth New Zealand title in a row. Her main contender, Gina Crawford, is also just coming off another IM-distance race – winning Challenge Wanaka. Maybe Mareen Hufe can deliver another great performance on the „fifth continent“ after her great second place at Ironman Western Australia in early December.Trirating2/24/2015
Inaugural Tri-Palooza Awards Gala Set for Saturday NightMeb Keflezighi, Endurance Athlete of the Year presented by Headsweats. Coming a year after the bombings in Boston, it was appropriate that an American win The 2014 Boston Marathon. Meb became the first American to win Boston since 1983 and his victory was hailed as one of the most important marathon wins in U.S. history.Endurance Sportswire2/19/2015
New Year, New Recovery?My recovery method has evolved through the years and as my age has increased. It is a natural progression that your body requires more recovery as your intensity goes up and you get older; I am certainly not 25 anymore! The women are getting faster and faster in the professional and age group ranks so recovery is that much more important for all athletes.Recovery Pump2/19/2015
Kessler, Crawford top seeds for Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New ZealandAmerican star Meredith Kessler will be chasing a slice of history in next month’s Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand in Taupo.
Kessler will be chasing her fourth straight victory in Taupo, which would make her the most successful international in the 31 year history of the world’s oldest IRONMAN qualifying race.
Ironman 70.3 Preview - 2015But, has seen the return of 2013 third place finisher, Meredith Kessler and for the first time, her fellow Purple Patch team mate, New Zealander, Gina Crawford. These women have spent a bit of time duking it out on New Zealand soil in the past few years at Ironman New Zealand, and we expect it to be another big battle between these two again.Witsup1/16/2015
Tip of the Week by Meredith Kessler - Jan 2015If the buoys are on your left, starting middle right seems to work best for me personally, as organically my body will shift to the left. Pretend the first five hundred yards or metres is a FAST effort. You’ll find that if you go a titch faster from the get-go, you will locate your “pack” and be able to find your groove.Witsup1/13/2015
Is There Really an Offseason?After Kona, Ironman Arizona and Challenge Bahrain, there have understandably been an increasing number of social media posts about how professionals and age groupers are going into their offseason. This is the time where Type A triathletes can ‘let loose’ a little bit and rest their weary bones.Recovery Pump12/23/2015
Triathlete Magazine’s Best Of 2014 AwardsKessler’s track record at Ironman Arizona exemplifies her unmatched tenacity and never-give-up attitude. This year’s race marked her 11th IMAZ start (she’s done this race every year it has been contested, since 2005), and her sixth start as a pro.Triathlete Magazine12/16/2014
From Kona to Arizona - Racing 2 Ironmans in 1 MonthAs a pro triathlete, racing is your job so recovery is paramount in between events. In my younger years with fresher legs, it was not uncommon to do two Ironman’s in three weeks. This has shifted to one Ironman and one 70.3 in three weeks and now, maybe, two 70.3 races in two weeks.Recovery Pump12/15/2014
2014 Challenge Bahrain Pro PreviewThrow a setback at Meredith Kessler (USA) and she won’t let up until she’s turned it around to the positive, and then some. She struggled at the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, lacking her usually stellar swim and ultimately finishing fourth; then in Kona she posted a devastating DNF. But Kessler came back with a resounding 8:50:41 victory at Ironman ArizonaTriathlete Magazine12/5/2014
Recovery Methods Leading Up To KonaKona is a different beast than any other race on the planet – we all know this and as athletes, we should remember to respect the course. It took me a few years to realize yet I have learned that I require a lot of preparation time before Kona to adapt to the heat, wind, and all the weather conditions you might be up against on race day.Recovery Pump11/18/2014
Dispatch: Travel Tips–Staying Healthy Against The OddsEn route to Ironman Arizona, Ironman champion Meredith Kessler shared her healthy travel wisdom: “It’s essential to carry Purell from the minute I get to the airport until up until the night before the race. The reality is, there are a lot of germs in this world including airplanes, children, shaking hands, meet and greets, etc. (all things we love), and a professional athlete is exposed to all of these things during race week.Triathlete Magazine11/13/2014
Challenged Athletes Foundation to Host 21ST Annual Aspen Medical Products San Diego Triathlon ChallengePro-triathletes Heather Fuhr, Luke McKenzie and Meredith KesslerBusiness Wire10/23/2014
Ironman World Championship Pro Women's Race Preview 2014Following a DNF in 2012 Kessler returned in 2013 to record a 7th place finish, with a front pack swim and 4:55:13 ride to start the marathon in a nice position. The American’s 3:16:35 run wasn’t enough to maintain a top five position, but all we have seen is improvement in her run over previous years.Trizone10/11/2014
2014 Ironman World Championship: Van Lierde, Carfrae face big challengesSavvy veteran Meredith Kessler (U.S.) has some experience on her competitors, but is summoning her spirit animal to keep up with Ryf and the rest of the field.

“I realize I have a near decade in age on (Ryf) and they call her the Angry Bird,” Kessler said. “I need to be more of a grumpy old cat that chases that bird, with the utmost respect to Daniela.”
West Hawaii Today10/10/2014
My Kona Checklist: Meredith KesslerCalifornia-based pro Meredith Kessler's Kona history is a steady upward trajectory. In 2010, the year she turned pro, she came in 26th. She didn’t compete on the Big Island in 2011, and in 2012, a bike crash led to a DNF. Last year, she had her best results to date, where she finished seventh. It was an impressive feat made even sweeter by the fact that the performance landed on the heels of a frightful bike accident just a few month prior.Ironman.com10/8/2014
Recovery Methods Leading Up To KonaIt has taken me awhile to get comfortable racing in Kona and I am still soaking up knowledge to try to get better. My words of advice to age groupers is to not take the course for granted so your recovery leading up to the race is imperative for trying to reach your goals. Every little deficiency you have leading into Kona will show its ugly head on the run so you need to get yourself to the start line to as close to 100% as you can in order to reduce the deficiencies that will inevitably push through towards the latter stages of the race.Recovery Pump10/3/2014
Meredith Kessler Shares Her Secret to the Ironman MarathonI know we featured Meredith Kessler only a couple of weeks ago, but this TIP is way too good not to share immediately.
We get the inside knowledge on how one of the finest long course athletes on the planet gets through the Ironman marathon and it’s all about the Mustard!
Mechanically Challenged to PowerTap Pro with Pro Triathlete Meredith KesslerIt is not a secret that my strengths do not lie in being mechanically savvy. Put me in a pool and I will try and swim. Hand me a bike and I will ride it the best that I can. Point me to a track and I will run round and round on it! Thus, it may be best to leave all the number crunching, technical scrutiny, and overanalyzing data at home! Training time is also my meditation time — chi time which gives me an opportunity to think and relax. -PowerTap8/5/2014
Tip of the Week by Meredith KesslerThis weeks tip comes from one of the nicest people you will ever meet, Meredith Kessler. While this year she has been in great form and experiencing plenty of great highs, Kessler gives some advice on dealing with the lows that affect us all.Witsup7/18/2014
Showdown in the Sonoma Vineyards: Vineman 70.3 PreviewLocal gal and reigning champion, Meredith Kessler (USA), will be on the hunt for a three-peat, having won this race in 2012 and 2013. Kessler has already successfully defended her Ironman New Zealand and Ironman St. George 70.3 titles this season and she will not be giving up her Vineman 70.3 title without a major fight.Witsup7/11/2014
Docherty, Kessler Look To Defend At 70.3 VinemanThe story line of the women’s race will be the battle between 2012 and 2013 winner Meredith Kessler (USA) and 2011 winner Melissa Hauschildt (AUS).Triathlete Magazine7/11/2014
How the Pros Eat: Meredith KesslerMeredith Kessler took an unusual path to the top of the sport of triathlon, competing as an amateur for many years while working full-time in downtown San Francisco before finally turning pro in 2010 at age 31. Since then she has won a number of big races, including Ironman Canada (2010), Ironman Coeur d’Alene (2012), Ironman New Zealand (2012, 2013, 2014), and Ironman 70.3 St. George (2012, 2013, 2014). She also earned a bronze medal at the 2011 ITU Long Distance World Championships and finished seventh at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii last year.Racing Weight7/7/2014
What I Learned in St. George by Meredith KesslerA true veteran of the sport, Meredith Kessler has plenty of experience racing (and winning!) some pretty tough courses. Despite competing in over 50 Ironman events, she continues to learn something new every race. On the eve of this year's hotly contested Ironman 70.3 St George, we caught up with the defending champ to see what she had to say about her gutsy performance last year. Go get 'em Meredith!Roka Sports5/2/2014
70.3 Oceanside Preview 2014Kessler may be more considered as an Ironman athlete, she is equally as impressive over the 70.3 distance, which we saw in 2013 with her four titles; 70.3 St. George, 70.3 Vineman, 70.3 Lake Steven and REV3 Florida Half.Witsup3/28/2014
Battle of the Sexes: Who's Tougher in Tri?Kessler controlled every factor she could with her training, arrived in Kona weeks early to acclimate, meticulously scheduled her workouts, ate right and even planned ahead to mitigate the effects of her pending menstrual cycle. But her body wouldn’t cooperate for the biggest event of the season and Kessler's period came 10 days later than anticipated—smack dab in the middle of the IRONMAN World Championship. She powered through the swim and even led for a solid portion of the bike, but slowed during the run to finish seventh.
Epic Battle Expected at TaupoLike last year, it will again be a fierce showdown between Meredith Kessler and Gina Crawford. After Crawford was knocked off on home soil last year and she will no doubt be looking for redemption. The now Purple Patch Fitness team mates have been on a training camp recently on Kona and will know far more about each others strengths and weaknesses this year. We cannot wait to watch this race unfold.Witsup2/28/2014
Meredith Kessler – She’s got style, she’s got grace. Part twoAt the end of last year, I was honored to sit down with Meredith Kessler to chat about her training schedule, her recent racing and her plans for 2014. It should be clear from the first part of our discussion that triathlon is a way of life for Meredith; she trains year round and is always seeking to make progress on her weaknesses. It should also be clear that she is able to maintain this year-round consistency by focusing on life balance on a daily basis. It is of utmost importance to Meredith that she’s “just one of the gals” among her cohort of San Francisco friends, not allowing the quirky nature of her professional triathlon career to detract from quality time with family and friends.Witsup2/27/2014
Meredith Kessler – She’s got style, she’s got grace. Part oneLooking back to early May of 2013, I was sitting in my usual spot in Matt Dixon’s (triathlon coach based in the Bay Area) computrainer class in San Francisco. Over my left shoulder, tucked inconspicuously in the back corner of class sat five-time Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler. We spun easy on our bikes for 10 minutes before Matt Dixon led us through a 12 minute progressive build which would prepare us for “the meat and potatoes of class” (Dixon-speak for the main set). Just before we launched into the workout, Matt made some general remarks, sharing updates on class attendees that had raced the prior weekend. He then fired up a particular song on his iPod. Tom Jones’, “She’s a Lady”.Witsup2/25/2014
Dispatch: Getting Uncomfortable In The Offseason — And Liking ItIt’s that just-pushing-the-envelope pain, which is really more of a dull roar of soreness, when you know you’ve made some movement forward. It’s the same thing Meredith Kessler described in a recent column in which she shared tips for getting out of the post-holiday slump.Triathlete Magazine1/30/2014
Pros Speak: My Worst Race EverI was upset at myself for not following my own rules that you should never do something new on race day. Although I somehow made it through New Zealand on this same bike (as a result of an amazing bike tech!), the wind threw a new wrench into the race and the bike showed its true colors.Triathlete Magazine1/10/2014
Dispatch: Meredith Kessler’s Tips To Hurdle ‘The Hump’Whatever’s holding you back from being your usual badass self, don’t fear — we all experience “the hump” at times. It’s an obstacle you’re sure to get over eventually, and the following tips, courtesy of seven-time Ironman champion and ever-positive pro Meredith Kessler, may be just the key to give you a kick start in the right direction.Triathlete Magazine1/9/2014
Triathlons are the new golf for investment bankers. Meet one financier who went proBut what if you wanted to graduate from a Mamil (middle-aged man in lycra) into something you could be genuinely good at? Meredith Kessler was working 60-hour weeks at RBC Capital Markets when she decided to step up from taking part in triathlons and Iron Man competitions in her spare time to competing professionally, based out of San Francisco.efinancialcareers11/18/2013
5 Training Tips for the Offseason - Meredith Kessler"You can have a life and still be an Ironman athlete," Kessler says. But you must be willing to change your training habits in a meaningful manner. She practiced what she preached before turning pro. While leading the amateur pack, she balanced training requirements with a demanding job in the financial services sector. She recently shared with us five rules for winter to help set you up for breakout performances in your "A" races next year.Active11/7/2013
12 Best Examples of the Spirit of Triathlon at Kona1. Just before they raced against each other for 140.6 miles, Meredith Kessler and defending champion Leanda Cave had time for a hug.Stride Nation10/16/2013
Kessler vs Corbin - powerThe professional women’s race at the 2013 Ironman World Championships was very exciting, as many of the top contenders exited the water together at the front, battling hard to try and hold off Mirinda Carfrae and others. Though we don’t have Carfrae’s power data, we do have that of American Meredith Kessler, who had an exciting sprint finish to place 7th, and her PurplePatch Fitness teammate Linsey Corbin who finished 10th.Slowtwitch10/16/2013
Congrats to Local Pro Triathlete, Meredith Kessler at Kona Iron ManThe close knit community at Velo offers both professionals and weekend warriors a place to share stories of races gone good or bad, and all of the training that happens in between. Most of us “regular” athletes marvel in the hard work ethic of the professionals, and Meredith Kessler has always been humble, warm and the biggest cheerleader for all of the dedicated cyclists who take her classes. She has placed first in many triathlons, including this year’s victory in St. George.greene & grey10/14/2013
Kona Athlete Spotlight: Meredith KesslerIf balance has been the secret to Meredith Kessler’s breakthrough to elite status in triathlon, she’s not kidding about having to work for it. Kessler, a former investment banker turned Ironman star, is as afraid to miss sending out a birthday card as she is to miss a workout. Given her neighborly manner, she may be an unlikely candidate to win the Hawaii Ironman. But here she comes anyway.Lava Magazine10/8/2013
Editors Poll: Favorite Moment From The First Half Of 2013Julia Polloreno, editor-in-chief of Triathlete magazine:
“It’s not really a moment, per se, but a highlight was Meredith Kessler’s back-to-back wins at Vineman and Lake Stevens after a nasty bike crash. The ultimate comeback story!”
Triathlete Magazine8/2/2013
Want to Get Faster? Ride IndoorsMeredith Kessler is another multiple-IRONMAN champion who rarely rides outside—typically once every couple of weeks unless she's racing or at a training camp. Much of Kessler's training is done while teaching indoor classes at a bike studio in San Francisco.Ironman.com7/16/2013
Meredith Kessler Explains The Severity Of 70.3 Eagleman CrashThe last thing Kessler recalls is that she “had about 3 miles to go on the bike, was happy, excited to run, and pumped to be in the lead.” Her next memory is waking up screaming in a hospital room as nurses unsuccessfully tried to tap an arm vein.Triathlete Magazine6/19/2013
Columbus Academy's 100th class graduates June 6 at Senior Quad - Meredith Kessler Commencement Speech"It is an honor and pleasure to be given the opportunity to deliver the commencement address at the 2013 Columbus Academy graduation," said Kessler, who lives in San Francisco with husband Aaron Kessler, a 1994 graduate whom she met while both were Academy students. "It will be so special for my family and I to come back to the place that laid the foundation for where I am today."This Week Community News - Bexley News6/2/2013
Fifth Anniversary Of Rev3 Quassy Set For SundayIronman 70.3 St. George winner Meredith Kessler (USA) has had a nearly ideal start to the year and proved she can compete against the best earlier this month in Utah.Triathlete Magazine5/31/2013
Upcoming LAVA cover girl Meredith Kessler’s favorite places to train in the Bay AreaIn her 12 years as a San Francisco resident, Ironman champion Meredith Kessler has learned a great many things about triathlon training in Northern California. With the area’s amazing hills, windy conditions and frigid ocean water temps, it’s a great place to train so that any conditions thrown your way on race day are something you’ve seen more than once in your everyday training lifeLava Magazine5/30/2013
Nip the Post-Race Blues in the Bud“Treat each race as a celebration of all of the hard work you have put into preparing yourself to be the best athlete you can be,” IRONMAN 70.3 St. George champion Meredith Kessler advises age groupers. “Some workouts are good, some are ‘why even bother,’ but the journey is what you're aiming for every day.”Ironman.com5/21/2013
Rookie Lessons: Race Smart on the Bike to Run Your BestTake it from recent U.S. 70.3 pro champ Meredith Kessler: Avoiding the death march on the run begins with the right approach in the saddle.Ironman.com5/16/2013
Ironmanlive host Michael Lovato breaks down the results of May's biggest 70.3 weekend.On the women’s side, Meredith Kessler (third KPR, seventh 70.3PR - photo above by Nils Nilsen) made it abundantly clear that she is the hot ticket for 2013. She has always been a force in IIRONMAN racing, but to take the win against the deepest 70.3 field she has faced yet was impressive.Ironman.com5/9/2013
In from The Chief – A Weekend Of Inspiration Oh and her awards speech was without doubt the best speech I’ve ever witnessed. It was all about gratitude. If you get a chance to talk to or just listen to her. Do it. You will not be disappointed.Witsup5/6/2013
Kessler Ready To Defend St. George Title On Shorter CourseReigning Ironman St. George champion Meredith Kessler is no stranger to the winds, heat and climbing on the course in St. George, Utah, as she returns for the fourth year in a row.Triathlete Magazine4/30/2013
Train Like A Professional TriathleteMeredith Kessler: You will always have “WEB” workouts: Why even bother? These are workouts where your body just doesn’t have it on the day. Try to power through the workout and don’t give up. These lessons will shine through on race day on the last miles of the run.Triathlete Magazine4/9/2013
Triathlon Nutrition Tips From The Pros - Fuel Like a ProMeredith Kessler: Keep your nutrition simple. Find basic, healthy meals that become your staples for breakfast and lunch (eggs, granola, toast and Nutella, turkey sandwich). Snack on healthy foods to reduce cravings for junk (carrots and hummus, yogurt). Dinner is where you can branch out a little to keep your sanity.Triathlete Magazine4/5/2013
Triathlon Gear Advice From The ProsMeredith Kessler: It’s worth the time and money for a quality bike fit—with a fitter who understands triathlon. Remember, you have to run off of the bike. Don’t get a fit for a pure cyclist. You don’t want your leg muscles crushed by a suboptimal bike fit, leaving you with nothing for the run.Triathlete Magazine4/5/2013
Group Effort Vs. Going Solo In Triathlon TrainingMeredith Kessler: I used to swim hours in the pool like a hamster in a wheel. I maintained my fitness but I made minimal strides in my time. Since last year, I started swimming with elite age-groupers. … We push one another to improve while having fun at the same time!Triathlete Magazine4/4/2013
The Pro Triathlete Twitter 55We perused the various Pro triathlete Twitter accounts and compiled a list of top 55 followed Pro athletes. Some of these names fairly high up may come as a surprise, but most of them make a lot of sense.Slowtwitch4/3/2013
Injury Prevention Advice From Professional TriathletesMeredith Kessler: People tend to concentrate on days off, tapering and sleep. But you need to practice recovery after every workout … so you can be fresh for your next workout. I use a steady diet of protein drinks within the fueling window, as well as cooling wraps and recovery boots after workouts or at night.Triathlete Magazine4/3/2013
A chat with Sarah Piampiano - By Herbert KrabelMy friend and teammate, Meredith Kessler, has been working on a book called Life of a Triathlete, which is going to be coming out in the next few months. Making it in the triathlon world, both as a pro and an amateur is tough.Slowtwitch4/1/2013
Steffen's Race to Lose - Ironman Melbourne 2013"Honestly it is so hard to go past Caroline, but if Meredith has recovered well after New Zealand then she could cause an upset. But Meredith will need to come off the bike with Caroline to have a chance - then we will have a race on our hands.Ironman.com3/21/2013
IM Melbourne 2013 women’s picks - By Timothy CarlsonThis San Francisco-based Ironman star had a great 2012 which included Ironman wins at Mew Zealand, St. George and Coeur d’Alene. She also scored wins at Eagleman 70.3, Vineman 70.3 and took 2nd at Ironman Arizona. Kessler seems right on track in 2013 with another win at Ironman New Zealand this month.Slowtwitch3/20/2013
Ironman Melbourne 2013 – Profiling the Pros (part II)The key is making sure you recover properly, yet still be able fine tune with a some subtle, but key, intensity sessions and keep the muscle tension on the legs and the engine open. For me, this includes lots of swimming, especially combined with time in Recovery Boots, ample Arctic Ease wraps, vats of Chocolate Milk, protein and potassium. Hydration too is king.Witsup3/20/2013
Balance – What does this word mean? - By Meredith KesslerOur manual, Life of a Triathlete, talks about time saving tips I have learned throughout my racing career to enable an athlete to balance life. Concepts discussed are as simple as tools for efficiency to as complex as diagramming the entire week before a race for optimal performance.Revolution3 Triathlon3/12/2013
Multisport: Iron woman after two in rowKessler, 34, one of the hottest triathletes on the planet recording three international victories in the last year alone, has been awarded top seed for the race.Rotorua Daily Post3/1/2013
New Zealand Preview: Meredith Kessler Back to Defend - 2013Thirty-four year old Kessler is one of the hottest triathletes on the planet, recording three international victories in the last 12 months alone, including New Zealand’s major event in Taupo. However, while she is prepared for a hard battle, Kessler feels no added pressure because of her defending champion status.Ironman.com2/25/2013
Finalists For Ron Smith Triathletes Of The Year 2012 Announced - Meredith Kessler one of threeAnnouncement for Finalists for triathlete of the year 2012 - Meredith Kessler one of three chosenTriathlete Magazine2/4/2013
Finalists for Male and Female Ron Smith Triathlete of the Year Announced - Meredith Kessler, Kathleen McCartney Hearst and Julie Moss, Sarah GroffKessler lives by her philosophy of balance in life. She balances coaching, teaching and training each day.Triathlon Business International Magazine2/4/2013
Training Insights From Star Athletes - Meredith Kessler, Natalie Coughlin, Steve SpenceAnother crucial change was to quit her job so she could devote herself to training. It took several years — she left banking only in April 2011 — but it made a huge difference. Now a professional athlete, with sponsors, she has won four Ironman championships and three 70.3 mile championships.The New York Times1/14/2013
Pros’ Favorite No-Pasta Pre-Race Dinners - Meredith Kessler Outback SteakhousePros give input on favorite pre race meals including Meredith Kessler, Mirinda Carfrae, Heather JacksonTriathlete Magazine12/17/2012
Dispatch: Trivia Time! - By Holly BennettTop Pro Triathletes answer questions including Meredith Kessler, Leanda Cave, Pete Jacobs, etc…Triathlete Magazine12/13/2012
The Journey of Meredith Kessler - By Matt DixonMatt Dixon of purplepatch fitness explains how he took Meredith Kessler, once a mid-pack age-grouper, and helped transform her into a multiple Ironman champion.Triathlete Magazine11/21/2012
Kessler talks crashes, Kona and comebacks - Endurance Blog - By Susan LackeAmerican Meredith Kessler has been riding quite the wave –- though experiencing one of her best triathlon seasons to date, Kessler's training and race efforts have been peppered with crashes, including one which forced her to DNF at the Ironman World Championship in Kona.ESPN Endurance Sports11/14/2012
Ironman World Championship 2012: Pro Women’s PreviewRounding out the American favorites are two Ironman winners, and good friends, Linsey Corbin and Meredith Kessler. Both are coached by Purplepatch’s Matt DixonTriathlete Magazine10/10/2012
2012 Kona Women's Favorites - By Timothy CarlsonProfile Women Favorites Kona 2012 - Caroline Steffen, Mirinda Carfrae, Meredith Kessler, etc…Slowtwitch10/9/2012
Coach Matt Dixon Talks Kona 2012 - Meredith Kessler one of featured prospurplepatch coach Matt Dixon discusses his athletes chances in Kona - If you asked me three months ago, I would have said that she was in a golden place. The last few months have been tough, but Meredith is so resilient and has done an amazing job in recuperation.Triathlete Magazine10/5/2012
Kona 2012: Showing Love For Amy Gluck - By Susan LackePros and age groupers wearing wristbands in support of Amy Gluck Kona 2012 - Kessler, who has not met Gluck but knows her reputation as a popular, talented age-group triathlete, immediately jumped on the chance to support a fellow triathlete. Kessler will also use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of car-bike incidents:Triathlete Magazine10/1/2012
Train Your Brain: Tips From The Pros In training and racing, I visualize my team wherever they may be, cheering and smiling from afar. I imagine seeing their happy faces on the course and especially at the finish line.Triathlete Magazine9/17/2012
Ironman 70.3 World Champ Preview 2012: The Pro Women - Meredith KesslerOf the five races Kessler has raced this season so far (at print time in early July), she’s won four: Ironmans in St. George and Coeur d’Alene, an Ironman-turned-70.3 in New Zealand, was third at 70.3 California and, most recently, won Eagleman 70.3 in Maryland by 10 minutes.Triathlete Magazine9/7/2012
Columbus Academy graduate has become one of the best women triathletes in the worldThere have been a lot of miles in Kessler’s career. For the past three years, the 1996 Columbus Academy graduate has been a professional Ironman triathlete. The grueling competitions consist of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run.The Columbus Dispatch9/3/2012
First 69 Kona Pro Slots Handed Out - Meredith Kessler 5th Place in points1. Caroline Steffen CHE 13320
2. Mirinda Carfrae AUS 9995* AQ – Has won the Ironman World Championship within the last five years.
3. Leanda Cave GBR 9250
4. Rachel Joyce GBR 8910
5. Meredith Kessler USA 7440
Triathlete Magazine7/30/2012
Meredith Kessler Captures The 2012 Ironman 70.3 Vineman Title - By Adam KesslerAs many of you probably know, I’m related to a couple of professional athletes. Matt Light is a second cousin of mine who after 11 years in the NFL retired from the New England Patriots. The other pro athlete is my sister-in-law, Meredith Kessler, who competes in Ironmans. The Ironman is an endurance event consisting of 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles riding the bike, and a 26.2 mile marathon.Run Faster Method7/19/2012
Slowtwitch Forums: Triathlon Forum:
Meredith Kessler - BAMF appreciation thread
Seriously, wins CDA like 3 weeks ago, gives Naeth a run for her money at Rev 3 Portland last week (2nd place, not too far behind) and then comes back on Rollison, after getting passed on the run today, at Vineman for the win.
Wow, that is some serious racing and impressive results.
Favorite Local Races Of The ProsPros give their favorite local races - Jesse Thomas, Linsey Corbin, Meredith Kessler - “The full [iron-distance] Vineman ( I have done this race probably eight times as an amateur and think it is one of the best (and most challenging) full-distance triathlons in the nation.Triathlete Magazine5/1/2012
Ironman New Zealand Time for a Changing of the Guard - 2012Gina is expecting a very different race from Wanaka where she led from start to finish “I hope to come out of the water with the likes of Meredith Kessler and Jo Lawn and stay with them on the bike.Triathlete Magazine2/25/2012
Ironman Arizona 2011 Champion Leanda Cave's Race Report - Discusses Meredith Kessler and SportsmanshipThen the most sportsmanlike thing happened. Meredith Kessler, who was swimming on my feet, stopped and asked if I was ok!Tri Sports Blog11/26/2011
Meredtih Kessler offers five words of advice for pushing past a plateauIronman champion and Team CLIF BAR athlete Meredith Kessler knows what it’s like to hit a plateau. Just this year, she went from back-to-back DNFs to Rev3 champion. Whether you’re facing physical or mental plateaus, here are her “five words of advice” to push past them.Leader Post10/13/2011
Get Your Butt Kicked by an Ironman Champion at VeloSF7X7 SF article about VeloSF - In the words of Meredith Kessler, an Ironman champion and teacher at VeloSF, “everyone is beating to their own drums, and that is what makes these power-based classes so unique. In class I often have a pro triathlete sitting next to a 60 year-old hobbyist cyclist, sitting next to the CEO of a company who only has time for an efficient workout.7X7 SF8/17/2011
Meredith Kessler survives and thrives July 15, 2011 - By Timothy Carlson of SlowtwitchSlowtwich article by Tim Carlson July 15, 2011 - Meredith Kessler spent nearly a decade pursuing her love of Ironman triathlon as an independent amateur who worked her way from the 12-hour plus level to just under 10 hours on a diet of four Ironman races a year. But when she signed on four years ago with triathlon coach and fellow San Franciscan Matt Dixon at his Purplepatch Fitness – headquartered at the Velo SF workout center – her rise has been spectacular.Slowtwitch6/15/2011
The Endangered Outdoor Ride - By Matt FitzgeraldMeredith Kessler is one of the better cyclists in triathlon. So what’s her secret? Simple: riding indoors. “I ride outside once every other weekend,” she says. “That’s it.”Triathlete Magazine6/14/2011
2010 Tri Year in Review - Breakthroughs Meredith Kessler - By Timothy CarlsonBest of triathlon in 2010 - Meredith Kessler took 2nd at Ironman St. George, 2nd at Ironman Coeur d'Alene, won Ironman Canada and took 4th at Ironman Arizona.Slowtwitch1/4/2011
Ironman Women’s Odds 2010 - Kona Championship - By Timothy CarlsonProfile Women Favorites Kona 2010 - Chrissie Wellington, Julie Dibens, Mirinda CarfraeSlowtwitch10/2/2010
One regular woman becomes a champion – and not just in triathlon
Chris Wright article on Meredith Kessler - One could craft a resume for Meredith Kessler as follows: highly successful career woman, happily married wife, devoted friend and family-member. Oh, and: gregarious, blonde and pretty. Surely, enough right there for anyone, right? Well, no. There’s this other little thing, too: in August, she won Ironman Canada.The Wright Stuff10/1/2010
Performance Pillars - The philosophy for your best performance in fitness and sportMeredith Kessler - Rookie of the Year. What an amazing first year as a professional for MBK. 4th at New Orleans 70.3, 2nd at Ironman St George, and now she helped make Coeur d'Alene a truly special day by finishing just one spot behind Linsey for a 2nd place. Meredith
is now getting ready for Ironman number three, with Canada on tap for June
purplepatch knowledge7/1/2010