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I have been swimming all of my life and I never really gave a second thought to the type of swimwear I wore. This includes through my ten plus years as an age group triathlete as well as a professional. It all changed when I unexpectedly had to find another wetsuit partner for 2013.

I reached out to a number of wetsuit companies in the industry and was lucky enough to get the contact information for a state of the art, new company, Roka Sports. I was blown away by the founders, Rob and Kurt, and their knowledge of swimming, swimming gear, and business. I feel fortunate to have met them and have become a firm believer in how important a wetsuit is in either helping or impeding your swim and I owe my new found knowledge to Roka.

The suit is comfortable, stretchy, buoyant, and most importantly, fast. I have found it keeps my body temperature down in warmer water while also keeps me warm in cold. The fit allows me to utilize my stroke to its full extension resulting in faster times in the water. It propelled me to a 1st female swim finish and 4th overall (male pros) at Ironman New Zealand and Roka made a tremendous video documenting the event:

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Roka Sports