Everyone is familiar with Red Bull and its mantra, “Red Bull Gives you Wings”. The company is synonymous with creating vitalizing energy drinks and a positive brand that is imbedded in the minds of individuals throughout the world. However, as a professional triathlete, you need more than marketing to find your way into my body. The benefits of the product in and out of competition are what I need to know in order to make an informed decision on whether to ingest anything.

I was introduced to Red Bull in college, playing field hockey at Syracuse University. I consumed the drink off and on as a struggling age grouper and my first few years as a professional triathlete but I never thought to use it in training and during races. I learned more about the positive benefits of Red Bull late in 2013 as I talked to fellow triathletes who used it during races and then I was introduced to members of their fabulous team. As athletes get faster and faster in triathlon, you are constantly looking for great products to aid in your performance and recovery and Red Bull fit this mold.

I slowly worked Red Bull into my training and competitions in 2014. Consuming the energy drink through my indoor cycling sessions enabled me to have more productive, prolonged workouts. Caffeine has always been used by triathletes to stimulate the body during training and competitions but the way it gets into the body through other vehicles hasn’t always been the most effective methods. Red Bull has made this access more efficient with the combination of amino acids and B group vitamins. There is something to be said for drinking Red Bull on mile 18 of the run portion of the triathlon knowing the ingredients are working together to get you to the finish line!

I was fortunate to officially begin working with Red Bull in late 2014 and I look forward to promoting the company for years to come. We do not take our partnerships lightly and in our triathlon world, products need to work in order to help you achieve your goals or they are not worth using. Red Bull has become integral to my routine on and off the race course. If you see me out on the run course during a triathlon race, you know I will be reaching for a Red Bull, especially when that extra boost is needed to maintain the objective of crossing the finish line to the best of your abilities!

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