• One key to raising a well-rounded child is to establish a solid support system at home so that they grow up satisfied with their achievements and ambitions.
  • The goal as a parent is to help your child feel competent and confident; to help them develop a sense of passion and purpose. To encourage their interests, curiosity, creativity and natural gifts.
  • As parents we want to help our kids succeed in learning the things that they may struggle with. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.
  • To help our kids mature emotionally and live healthy, balanced lives. The end goal as a parent is to develop well-rounded kids who become well-adjusted adults.
  • We can assist you with this for as little as $0.25 a day.

About Play2Health

Parents are just as responsible for their child’s education as their teachers. Play2Health was founded on the belief that parents need tools to work with their children and they need to be a partner in their child’s education; to make learning a priority at home, at their own pace. It should be easy to use educational tools where they learn through fun, hands on experiments, games in math, science, reading, active games/play and more. The skills we as parents instill at home aid in developing our children’s self-confidence, curiosity and creativity that allows them to flourish and develop into well-rounded adults.

The love of learning, through embracing our curiosity and creativity, is what drove the Play2Health team to offer our subscription based program to parents who are looking for the perfect tools to aid them in their quest for providing their children with the best educational experiences possible.

The program consists of 6,000+ Teacher & Parent Approved Interactive Math & Vocabulary Worksheets that Meet Standardized Test Standards, Science/STEM Projects, Arts & Crafts, Manners/Hygiene Videos & eBooks, Games. Magic Tricks, Active Games & Exercise Videos, Nutrition & Recipes & more.

The love of learning, exploring, developing creativity and embracing curiosity is what Play2Health is all about.

Education Begins At Home 

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