Over the years, I have heard from numerous trusted bike component gurus that CeramicSpeed makes some of the best products on the market in the niche categories of bottom brackets, bearings, pulley wheels, and ceramic speed balls. In 2013, my Enve wheels were built using the CeramicSpeed bearings and I upgraded to the CeramicSpeed pulley wheels; both were recommended to me by Atomic High Performance founder Andy Weathers. The transition was seamless as the new products provided for a smoother ride and peace of mind knowing they are the toughest products in their category on the market. Check out this video: http://tinyurl.com/m8x4mdn – and this… http://ceramicspeed.com/sport/why-ceramicspeed/the-big-difference/

In a full or half Ironman distance race, small equipment advantages can add up to enormous power and time savings. This is exactly where CeramicSpeed can improve your racing. They concentrate on the details so you don’t have to and it will show in improved bike and run times. If you are using less energy to produce the same amount of watts on the bike or using the same energy to produce more watts, either way, your bike time will improve and your legs will feel better on the run. A triathlon race is difficult. Don’t compound this by using inferior niche products which will add time to your race results.

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